Thursday, March 05, 2015

The abysmal current mainstream affairs

  Capitalism is a religion, in the sense that its defenders can’t imagine a different way of doing things. They make up countless excuses on behalf of their religion and keep claiming that «if only we had true capitalism everything would be alright». It’s a classic way of shifting blame. They don’t know what the word alternative means and are hardly even aware of its existence.
  It’s pretty much the same with civilization itself. Its defenders react with incredulity when alternatives are proposed, and with lots of automatic thinking.
  That is, in a world with countless wrongs the very worst part of today’s local, national and global human society. The dominant view of the world is so totally inflexible, so unable to change its ways that to call it a tyranny is kind.
  And there are those very aware of what current society is, what a slick tyranny it is. They don’t want it to change or even improve. They like it here and they are very good at making propaganda on behalf of their dream society.
  Humans, like most animals are active creatures in both body and mind. Civilization is pacifying us. And that’s exactly like those in charge want it.
  And they have an easy job.
  To say that those in charge are failing is to give them too much credit. They're not failing in anything, not in their own eyes. They're succeeding in keeping the population subjugated.
  For most people it is as if anything outside mainstream existence doesn't exist. That’s a major problem, a downright dangerous attitude, because today, more than ever, mainstream is death.
  It’s like there is a wall around them, keeping them from seeing the most obvious truth, and they don’t even try to look beyond it, beyond their own imposed and self-imposed limitations.

  Current human society is dominated by mainstream fanaticism.

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