Saturday, February 14, 2015

The danger of (some) vaccines

  Seventy children and thirty-one adult Norwegians developed Narcolepsy because they took the swine flu vaccine Pandermix in 2009. That’s the number that has been confirmed and acknowledged by Norwegian health authorities so far. It’s expected to rise. The victims sleep too much, too little, moving around in a constant state of fatigue and need to sleep, unable to quite get there, get that healthy deep sleep.
  Some of them and others have also developed Cataplexy, a condition making it risky to experience strong emotions. They can suddenly lose all strength in their muscles, making it impossible for them to ever drive a car, for instance. They can’t even laugh in fear of getting sick. There is an extensive list of diseases linked to the vaccine. No one knows exactly how many that has become sick. They will all have reduced quality of life for the rest of their lives.
  Those 101 have been granted 170 million kroner in compensation, less than two million (approximately $300 000) each for something they will never recover from. There are several hundred cases yet to be determined.
  People in other countries choosing Pandermix have suffered the same horrible side effects.

  I dislike both fanatic vaxxers and anti-vaxxers. It isn’t common, but in this I find myself at the center. I do believe the use of vaccines has merit, that they do work and should be used in some cases.
  But there must be much more flexibility in their use, a far more restrictive regime, the decision made on a case to case basis. Mass vaccination should only be considered in extreme cases. Along with the fact that the Norwegian government had strong ties to GlaxoSmithKline, the producer of Pandermix, it was the automatic thinking that vaccines should be used that led to the horror scenario described above.
  The health authorities in various countries claim that they had no knowledge of the dangers in advance, but that is a bald faced lie. I knew about them and had read several articles about it, and therefore didn’t take the vaccine, just like some of the health officials didn't give Pandermix to their children…
  It did also help me that I’m allergic to vaccines and get sick every time I take them, and had to stop taking them long ago. I almost died twice and haven’t taken any since I was nineteen. But you don’t read about cases like that in most medical journals either.
  I guess I’m most pissed off at the Vaxxers, because of their cock and bull confidence in their obviously wrong conviction, and their total inability to compromise on it. They are supposed to be rational, to be supportive of true inquiry, but in truth they are just as irrational as some of those on the other side. It is indeed both funny and sick when fanatical defenders of vaccination portray themselves as beacons of reason.
  People holding «measles parties» for their children are ridiculed and attacked by Vaxxers, but that is the best and natural way of controlling the disease the way I see it. Measles, as a rule aren't dangerous, no more than the common cold. Vaccination of pertussis is unreliable, at best and don’t last very long. Norwegian health authorities, perhaps a bit more cautious actually advised older people against taking this season’s flu vaccine recently. The Italian Cochran institute found in an extensive study that flu vaccines hardly have any measurable effect.
  There are other examples.
  And that is before I take into account that the drug production companies take shortcuts all the time and lobby hard for the use of even more medicine, in order to line their own pockets even more than they already have. The more the merrier. Quite often it isn’t a medical reason why a given vaccine is used at all.

  There is a terror regime of vaccination and that must stop.