Monday, January 05, 2015

Atheist pagan

  One Wicca priestess called me a warlock with repeated snarls, not knowing or not caring that the word «witch» is a general term. She clearly saw the fact that I dare calling myself a witch as a personal insult.

  Many don’t get how I can be both pagan and atheist, but to me it’s pretty simple, really.
  My atheism has, quite simply always been an important part of my paganism. Paganism with gods doesn’t make any more sense to me than any other belief including that rather insane element.
  Paganism without gods does.
  To me it is about witchcraft, sure, but most of all the self-evident connection between human beings and nature. Without that crucial link to life itself, everything becomes wrong.
  Witches open closed caskets. We pull out what is inside, exposing it to the outside, not holding ourselves back, and not censoring ourselves. We make fire burn stronger, constantly stoking the weakest ember.
  I and other pagans strip down paganism, free it from the trappings of religion, a very necessary step. Beliefs in gods have proven very destructive to humanity and life on Earth as a whole.
  Humanity losing that before mentioned powerful and crucial contact with nature has as well.
  So, seeking that, in both ourselves and others makes very much sense.

  I am a witch. I am a human being. That is the same side of the coin of bold humanity, linked far beyond any casual connection.

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