Monday, January 12, 2015

The best propaganda show since the Nazis…

  The attacks in Paris and their aftermath say far more about western countries and their hypocrisy and racism than they do about Islam.
  Christian crusaders kill people daily, all over the world, including many children, usually without a single voice of protest in established media or protests in the streets. When the French president expelled the Rom people very few raised their voice.
  When twelve representatives for a racist French publication are gunned down people are up in arms. All the right buttons are pushed.

  The United States and its allies have the best, the best possible contacts with extreme Islamist groups and have for decades. They have funded and supported them all over the globe, often created them from scratch, like Al Qaeda and ISIS.
  A tyranny needs an enemy, a set of enemies to point at in order to perpetuate the eternal war.

  The chance of this being a false flag operation is high. The US/NATO history of such actions is long and sordid. That alone makes it likely, if not certain.
  Yet another «anti-terror law» was in the works and France was about to support Palestinian statehood, a typical set of circumstances that has led to false flag operations in the past.

  If the word «terrorism» has any validity at all, it is the western governments and the forces behind them that are the true terrorists.

  But let us say for the sake of argument that this, for once is not a false flag operation, that the attack was «genuine» and that a true Islamist group not directed by the United States and/or France was behind the attack.

  The killing of people exercising their freedom of speech is a horrible act, of course, no matter who is behind it.

  This was, right from the start a major mainstream conceited stroke fest, emphasizing the fake notion of western freedom of speech.

  The western freedom of expression is yet another sham, a myth that the mindless masses are taught as fact. Only expressions acceptable to mainstream society and a few, selected fringe «opinions» are allowed. I, for one loathe and have always loathed any kind of censorship and felt strongly that freedom of speech should be absolute. I’m with Voltaire and support his statement without reservations. No matter how vile a statement, it should be met with nothing but vocal opposition.

  People criticizing the UK/US/NATO slaughter in Iraq have been sent to prison and/or persecuted since the invasion.

  France, like all western countries is a deeply racist society. Racism is and has been accepted as part of the mainstream for a long time. Racism has long since become a «politically correct» expression. The killings don’t really expose the ugliness of Islam, at least not compared to how their aftermath exposes ruthlessly the western society.

  During the latest Gaza massacre the French government banned protests supporting the Palestinians. During the march Netanyahu the butcher, Netanyahu the zionist neonazi was given free reign to promote his twisted ideology.

  I expect the millions taking to the streets in Paris and elsewhere in the world to protest actively against censorship, all the oppressive «anti-terror» laws and the general tyranny in western countries in the days and week and months to come. Tons of people have been imprisoned and persecuted in western countries for speaking their mind. Very few protested against that. All western governments and dominating parts of their society have waged WAR against freedom of speech for decades. Most people have stayed silent. The best and most polite one can say about the Paris march/rally is that it was the best propaganda show for western oppression since the Nazis...
  It was far worse than that, of course.
  French sick and pompous nationalism ran rampant. Muslims have been attacked en masse. «France as a nation has been attacked» and the mob is up in arms. We get a show highlighting French militarism.
  The people participating in the Paris march, and elsewhere allowed/allow themselves to be used by oppressive forces, period, used by oppressive forces again, and it is certainly nothing to admire or emulate.
  What do you call people that are willingly and eagerly fooled time and time again? Is calling them mindless puppets fair or not?

  The great thing is that there has been and is an ongoing backlash. A considerable minority has seen through the vast deception and made a considerable effort to expose it for what it is.

  We will continue to do so.

  Update 2015-02-02 Since the march French authorities have continued to relentlessly pursue and punish people exercising their rights to free speech and expression. Among them is an eight year old boy...
  They have also expanded their ban on protesting in favor of the Palestinians.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Atheist pagan

  One Wicca priestess called me a warlock with repeated snarls, not knowing or not caring that the word «witch» is a general term. She clearly saw the fact that I dare calling myself a witch as a personal insult.

  Many don’t get how I can be both pagan and atheist, but to me it’s pretty simple, really.
  My atheism has, quite simply always been an important part of my paganism. Paganism with gods doesn’t make any more sense to me than any other belief including that rather insane element.
  Paganism without gods does.
  To me it is about witchcraft, sure, but most of all the self-evident connection between human beings and nature. Without that crucial link to life itself, everything becomes wrong.
  Witches open closed caskets. We pull out what is inside, exposing it to the outside, not holding ourselves back, and not censoring ourselves. We make fire burn stronger, constantly stoking the weakest ember.
  I and other pagans strip down paganism, free it from the trappings of religion, a very necessary step. Beliefs in gods have proven very destructive to humanity and life on Earth as a whole.
  Humanity losing that before mentioned powerful and crucial contact with nature has as well.
  So, seeking that, in both ourselves and others makes very much sense.

  I am a witch. I am a human being. That is the same side of the coin of bold humanity, linked far beyond any casual connection.

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