Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The modern empty-headed phenomenon

  I’ve never cared much for Star Wars. I detested its massive popularity from the start, even as a teenager in 1977. When I saw Star Trek - «The Motion Picture» I was in awe. After watching Star Wars I just had to laugh in contempt.
  Good versus evil plots have never been my thing, but this is worse than most, filled with silly moments and wooden acting.
  Like most others I saw The Empire Strikes Back as a vast improvement towards a more mature story, and as clearly the best of the six films, but it wasn’t that great either. It still needed vast improvements. With the Return of the Jedi, most of the unacceptable silliness, exemplified by the Ewoks was back. The three prequels were just more embarrassing, one big collection of indifference, and hardly worth mentioning. All those resources spent and that was the result. The story of Darth Vader could and should have been a great, engaging story. Instead it was just one giant yawn. To describe it as «lacking in depth» isn’t in any way sufficient, but a great insult to all deep movies.

  The Force Awakens is actually not that bad, even as the baggage keeps dragging it down. At least it has a semblance of good storytelling. It fails to live up to any form of potential, but at least it isn't awful. JJ Abrams did a fairly good job with rebooting Star Trek (even though he clearly diminished the quality of the franchise), but he had far better source material to work with there.
  This one also reminds me to a point of Superman Returns, which basically was a reboot of Superman the Movie. The Force Awakens is, to a point a remake of the first Star Wars. It was originally planned to be about the rebuilding of the old republic, but the final result isn’t anything like that, is very similar to a remake.

  Please don’t misunderstand. This isn’t some Trekkie denigrating the «competition». I am not and was never super-excited with most of the Star Trek material either, even though it’s far superior to that before mentioned competition.

  The world and humanity wouldn’t have been any less if there never had been made silly movies like Star Wars. It once more proves the thesis that mainstream is death.
  Mainstream stories and big studio movies can be engaging in spite of themselves, if experienced storytellers really go out of their way to use the craft they have learned to tell an intense story. This is not the case here.
  Its popularity, the hysteria surrounding it is most certainly a negative, not anything approaching a positive. Of course it isn’t.

  «I'm not going to do that (reprising his role as Wedge Antilles). They asked me but it just would have bored me». - Denis Lawson

Friday, November 20, 2015

A matter of perspective and of seeing through pervasive, obvious propaganda

  Yes, in case you’re wondering, this is the perfect time to talk at length about this…
  It should be talked about all the time, though.

  What upset me the most about the recent events in Paris wasn’t the actual killings. Mass killings happen every day, all over the globe, most of them done by France, United States, Israel and their NATO partners and other associates, in Palestine, Yemen, Pakistan and around the globe, and it has gone on for years, decades even. It’s an ongoing thing. Drone killings and bombings of children and civilians in general have become commonplace. And while I agree that one shouldn’t rate tragedies, the massive killings in Palestine where Israelis/Zionists are doing their genocide of the Palestinian people alone make the Paris deaths a fairly small scale event. The US/NATO imperialist forces killing one million civilians in Iraq are also dwarfing most other events. There is a long, long list of such.
  It’s just while watching it with narrow chinks of European/US/western eyes this becomes worth mentioning more than in passing.
  What upsets me far more is the aftermath, the full scale propaganda show, which I and many others strongly suspect was the true objective of the exercise. At the very least many westerners’ sense of perspective is totally off. I’m afraid it’s far worse than that, though.
  The rampant hypocrisy should in itself make many people wake up from their horrible slumber. One western life is valuable. A death in the Middle East (Arabs) or South America, Central America, Africa and Asia is seen as a statistic, at best. Obama, Hollande and Cameron, among countless other hypocrites and murderers and child killers step forward to condemn the acts, serving the long-term agenda of those in charge, the forces behind the throne.
  It’s bad enough that the racist/anti-migration cult has a field day.
  But the worst part of all is that most people buy the official narrative without blinking, without even considering alternatives. That is the very definition of successful brainwashing, of manufactured consent.
  Mainstream people show downright disrespect for the victims by being so gullible, so easily fooled. They make it easy for those in charge to continue the charade and keep doing acts like that.
  To me and many others with basic awareness in place and working it’s self-evident that the reason for the Paris massacre was to justify western «war on terror» and more bombing and further invasion of Syria and other Islam countries, AND further oppressive laws and surveillance in western countries. US/NATO and partners like Israel have a long history of proven false flag operations, making them likely at any given moment.
  It was yet another scene staged by western clandestine services, and if you cannot see that, you should take a long, hard look in the cracked mirror. You, by your inaction and gullibility are giving more and more of your rights away to tyranny and oppression every day, every time you fail to protest and take action against your true enemy.
  France, with its fairly large Muslim population is a kind of testing ground, a laboratory for the further development of Islamophobia and similar ways of inducing fear among a given western population.

  Those in charge don’t even bother with hiding their tracks anymore, their operatives leaving clues left and right. «Crisis actors» are recognized repeatedly, but still used. Undamaged passports are found in ruins and at shootouts and so on. Most people don’t even try looking through the thin, thin veil of illusion ruling their insipid existence.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The true danger

  The United States has funded and created from scratch countless Islam extremist groups the last fifty years. It’s safe to say that many of them wouldn’t even have existed without that hard push, and certainly wouldn’t have grown so influential.
  A tyranny like US needs an enemy in order to keep fighting the eternal war and to oppress its own population.
  It started, or rather took off from more modest prewar origins, more or less in 1953, when various representatives from the US government and enterprise removed the democratically elected government of Iran and put a tyrant and terror regime on top, an act that eventually and more than anything led to the revolution in 1979. It’s safe to say that that probably wouldn’t have happened without that crucial act.
  First, there was oil, with the early talks with Arab officials in 1934. Second, it was oil, in a continued attempt at controlling the world’s oil reserves. Those behind the throne in the United States and western countries in general also came to see extreme Islam as a bulwark against communism, with, among other things the creation and support of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and also a tool to destabilize the Middle East, with ISIS being its latest project of many in that endeavor.
  Israel and the United States use generously each other, in order to add to each other’s conquests. Western imperialism remains alive and well.
  The United States has kept South and Central America in the dirt for centuries by aiding and abetting despotic leaders loyal to US interests. The precedence is well established and obvious.
  Leaders and governments across the world are more than justified when they fear that the United States will depose them and dispose of them at its convenience. The United States is in no way, shape or form anything even approaching a force of good in the world, on the contrary. It has shown its true face countless times. It keeps doing that every day. In this modern age, it can safely be said that it and the forces behind it is worse than ever.
  United States has invaded 123 countries in 200 years, an unprecedented number. US/NATO is the most aggressive military alliance ever. The facts are clear.

Monday, November 16, 2015

A unique perspective

  My unique perspective is there whatever I do, as an artist, a political aware person and as a human being in general. When looking at a given photograph, most people are initially drawn to a certain spot on it. I am usually drawn to a completely different spot, and that is certainly a matter of pride to me. It shows once again that my perception, my focus is truly different. This is true with virtually anything, and contributes to make my novels and most outlooks on life and existence in general completely different compared to most people.
  I look for different things when I read or write a novel, take a photograph or decide upon which political action to take, both because there is a vast need for doing that, and because it is what I want, what I yearn for in the deepest parts of my being.
  Each person is unique, one snowflake among billions. The world and humanity and life in general, the very Universe we live in are so much more than any attempt at streamlining and lessen that.
  Yes, we, humanity, all life, really have a connection, a common purpose, but we are nor One. What that purpose, that direction is, is completely up to each and every one of us to define for ourselves, and that, in itself is the purpose, is such a valuable part of our existence.

  Those in charge want to narrow life down, reduce it into manageable pieces. Resist them, resist such a hostile-to-life view with everything you are, and fight to become the marvelous creature of chaos, creativity and variety you are born to be. Having a unique perspective is being human.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Twenty-five hours in London

  We arrived with the Underground from Heathrow at Green Park Station at 1.45 in the afternoon local time on October 20th, and left from the same spot almost exactly twenty-five hours later.
  My friend got a hotel room with another, but I didn’t. I had decided to stay awake all the time, both for financial reasons and in order to enjoy every second of the short stay, and I did. It’s also fairly easy for me, with preparations and lots of coffee to stay awake for thirty-six hours.
  We started off with dinner and coffee afterwards. The start of most of my London visits is the good meal and giant Cappuccino coffee, not necessarily in that order. It usually gives me what I call «the London feeling», kickstarting it, if you will, and it did this time as well.
  I didn’t meet up with many of my London friends this time, but mostly did photographing, dining and playing poker. Most of the photographing took place in and around Green Park, on Piccadilly and Piccadilly Circus. My plan before arrival was slightly more ambitious, but as usual, I just managed to do less than half of everything I had set out to do in London. Great distractions and inspirations are everywhere.
  Most of the photos were taken during twilight and the early evening. The mere process of doing them always feels great to me. The photographer always sees more than the human being alone, or rather, simplifying it: the process of the passionate art photographer taking photos makes the passionate human being see and even feel more.
  It dawned on me only much later that I had not filmed anything, not a single clip.
  I visited a few pubs as well, taking in the mood, having a few Guiness beers. It didn’t really affect me much, didn’t make me more intoxicated than I already was. The fairly brief visits still gave me a lot, in terms of inspiration and quiet experience, of taking in the mood at the various places.
  I was ready, very ready for the poker playing.
  The game itself turned out to be an unremarkable performance on my part. It wasn’t my evening. I usually win money, either a little or a lot when I play, but that night I didn’t. It happens and don’t usually bother me. I truly win or lose with the same mind or mindset.
  Playing poker is always a win/win situation for me. Whether or not I win or lose money, the mere process of playing always makes me dig deep into myself, and thus I open up myself, and inspiration blooms. I wrote notes and thoughts for two hours without break in my Diary of a Traveling Man after I stopped playing.
  I moved beyond an obstacle in my novel Lewis of Modern York I had wrestled with for months.
  I spent the night at the casino, leaving in the early morning for quite a few more intense experiences.
  I visited a quiet, concealed «townhall meeting» south of the river, not so much a meeting but an orientation about future events. It still made my spirit soar.
  I ended the London visit as I started it, with dining and coffee.
  It was all very intense. I felt like we spent weeks there, and not only twenty-five hours. I know I will reap the benefits of the Journey for weeks, both in terms of an elevated good mood and ongoing higher level of creativity.

  Postscript: It was my first time in the fairly new Heathrow Terminal 5. It was quite unremarkable. All airports, old and new seem more or less the same to me. We couldn’t help but noticing what a bad spot for disabled people it had to be, though. Getting around out there alone must be a nightmare for people with wheelchairs and those unable to walk the vast distances. I can’t imagine the so called Lichfield Suite for those with special needs and needs for special assistance, can counter that. While Gatwick has moving sidewalks, for instance, Terminal 5 doesn’t. There are other problems. A shiny new airport lacks essential facilities for disabled people. They need far more time and effort to get around compared to others. That’s more than typical for the new Great Society the current ruling political party in the UK wants to make, I guess.

  Second postscript: I ended up staying awake for forty-nine hours (and sleeping for fourteen the next day, waking up at six o’clock in the evening). Lots of new and intense thoughts need to be engraved.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The happy, positive anthem

  This is the first published poem from the new collection I'm slowly writing, one that might be published approximately ten years from now.

  I can hear the music
  I listen to the song
  I smell the stinking coffee
  The message is clear

  Our soldiers slaughter people
  In large numbers
  Our prime minister kills by proxy
  Our president sends drones
  To kill and maim children
  The message is clear

  People hear this old and new news
  They see what’s going on
  It’s not that difficult
  But they shrug
  And keep singing
  The happy and positive anthem
  The message is clear


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Things to do in London when burning with passion and life (IV)


  Saturday was a great day. Most of it went away in fever visions, but what I do remember was beyond great.
  Usually, when I travel with someone, I do not make an attempt to meet all my old friends in London, but this time I traveled alone, and it was an excellent time to catch up with as many people as possible, and because of that and also other, fortunate circumstances I did.
  We met in the loft apartment in Hampton Court. Almost all of them were there, the old gang, the squatters, artists, actors, rebels and witches (all of the above and more), Dorothy, Ruby, Alan, Camille, most of the adults and those who had been children more than twenty years ago.
  I remember the day as a series of amazing moments. My cold didn’t seem to matter, somehow. I was ill, really ill, feverish and practically half unconscious at times. I recall the day more like a dream than physical reality, remember embraces, happy conversation and beyond great companionship. It felt exactly like the time machine it was. I had met up quite a few times with these people since we parted company in 1993, but this was one of the few times almost everyone was present.
  We owned two rather small apartments in that building. One was made into sleeping quarters and the other a pure gathering space for the occasion.
  I remember that there was very little of the bullshit usually so prevalent during most mundane reunions. All of us share the distaste for such superficial gatherings. We don’t need to pretend and hype our emotions. They’re there, after all this time, no matter where we are.

  We spoke about old times, the present and what’s to come with equal fervor, and we lived it in equal measure, lived the present, looking forward to tomorrow.


Friday, October 09, 2015

Author’s word - Black Dragon

  It sometimes looks bad for comic book heroes, but they still triumph over impossible odds, even death. They have to, for Marvel and DC to stay in the mainstream publishing business. The status quo, even though it might be rocked now and then must be maintained.
  I have no such restraints, of course. I can, like I always do, with any story take it more than a few steps further.
  I was never impressed with Watchmen, for instance. Even though it was hailed as such, it wasn’t that much of a departure from the norm, except for those getting off on normality and the average and dull and repetitive storytelling, and I see the praise it received as pure mainstream bullshit.
  The Dark Knight was merely one more right wing nut job (Frank Miller) describing his oppressive view of mankind.
  But in spite of the frustrations, the fact that most comics insult our intelligence (like most novels published by established publishers also do) I have always enjoyed reading comics. They were a comfort and an inspiration to a child hungering for creativity and imagination. I was able to put aside my skepticism, and embrace the important, crucial «suspense of disbelief» tenet. I learned that a somewhat adult story, beyond the fairy tales also should only be measured within its own context, by its own merit, within the rules established in that particular story.
  But my objections remained and Black Dragon is a result of the long, growing trickle of frustration, of all the paths not taken by established comic book writers and editors and publishers. I always kind of suspected that I would write a story like this some night, but I waited, waited patiently until I felt ready, and in 2008, when I started on this one, I was.
  The thoughts in my head were ripe and ready to fall off the tree.
  You will «recognize» the powers and some of the characters, of course. That is practically inevitable. There are only so many variations to go around. But you will find them skewed, distorted here compared to your expectations and teachings and brainwashing many years of comic book reading has visited upon you. My wish to inject hardcore realism into everything I write is certainly very much present here as well. In short, beneath their powers and masks the people described are pretty much… human, with true faults and frailties and weaknesses, existing in a society not that different from the one you experience every day.
  The mainstream publishers tried that now and then, I guess. They kept failing, because they brought the constraints of the old and stale with them into the professed new.
  This is a novel, of course and not a comic book, not a story told in pictures and words, but «only» in words, but I have been focusing on the visuals even more than I usually do, and people keep telling me I am very good with visuals, with the painting of words.
  Black Dragon is the last started on so far of what I deem my fourth generation novels. Obviously I wrote it faster than the others, among them Afterglow Dust. On occasion I had the feeling that it wrote itself and doing so effortlessly to boot.
  There is one particular distinct characteristic here you will probably notice…
  This isn’t a novel about comics and shouldn’t be seen as such, but an independent and self-contained story. Only its appearance is deliberately comics-like.
  It certainly moves beyond any perceived constraints of comics and also mainstream novels. Its shit-load of transgression begins early and continues throughout the book.
  I'm happy to say that I've gone totally overboard with this one…
  If this is ever made into a movie, one indisputably faithful to the novel, it will be a great victory for us in the anti-censorship movement.
  I’m quite pleased with the result. The story could have been longer, told in more than one book. It could have been shorter, with a tighter plot. I think it is just about the right length.
  And this is a Universe, one I can return to and explore further later, if the imagination (not the fancy) strikes me.

  And I probably will.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Things to do in London when burning with passion and life (III)



  Dorothy has only one major «flaw»: she refuses to have her picture taken…
  I woke up early, my cold in full «bloom», making it impossible for me to sleep anymore. I studied her face line by line (struggling with my hazy vision), and was very tempted to take her picture, but that would not have been very respectful, so I didn’t.
  We had breakfast at the bright hall inside Paddington Station, nothing fancy, just filling our bellies. We separated not long after that, agreeing to meet up again the next day, hardly able to contain our excitement.

  I met Marc later that day at the Brewmaster pub. The two of us first met there three years ago. We encountered each other on Twitter a little before that, discovering that we have a lot in common, both as artists and human beings. We hit off right away.
  I wasn’t at my best, to say it the least. My cold was in full bloom and I was soaked in sweat, looking like I had spent hours in a sauna or something. Two cups of coffee just before I got there still made me more than a passable conversation partner. We spoke at length, filled with passion. Our meeting/conversation was just as interesting as it usually is.
  Marc showed me the way to the poetry club I had been searching for later. It was as he pointed out, both hard and easy to locate. We didn’t walk inside. I just didn’t feel up to it physically that day.
  The rest of Friday was pretty much ruined for me. I just returned to the hotel and crashed, and stayed like that without any improvement. The evening and night were spent in and out of delirious (far from delicious) dreaming.
  The second half of Friday was not the best part of my London visit. I did manage, like always to write something, to scribble a few notes, though. My time is rarely a total waste.

  But this is as close as I’ve come to that in a long time.


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Reboot gone sour

  People not interested in comics will probably not understand much of this post, but what the hell…
  Some of it, though, has general importance.

  Four years ago DC Comics once again rebooted their franchise. They had done so several times before, the first time in 1985, restarting or at least partly restarting their continuity, the internal history of the DC Universe.
  Superman and several other characters were given new origin stories and «re-imagined for a new age» (a pompous expression I’ve heard be used often).
  It can be argued that the 1985 reboot did lead to a fresher approach and better stories, but like most tools being overused, it stops having value after a while. The «New» DC Universe after 2011 appears more like fan-fiction than stories from the actual DC Universe, with the same lack of quality and originality and greatness.
  This year Marvel Comics, after suffering from mediocre storytelling for years, «did a DC» as well. It doesn’t look promising. The 2015 Secret Wars event is just awful.
  Some years ago DC decided to give the creative reigns of the company to Geoff Johns and Marvel did the same with Brian Michael Bendis. Even though one person should never be blamed for everything, the two of them, looking at the kind of stories they wrote and encouraged others to write clearly were the wrong people for the job.
  They both took the stories in a more mature direction, which I support, but aside from that there wasn’t much to write home about.
  Johns brought Green Lantern Hal Jordan back from the dead and thereby ruined one of the greatest stories ever told, the one about Jordan becoming Parallax and his ultimate demise. It went down the drain from there. He also brought back Barry Allen - the second Flash from the dead, thereby invalidating yet another great story.
  Bendis, after writing vastly overrated Ultimate Spiderman stories for years practically wrecked the Avengers and the X-Men single-handedly. I always expected someone to ruin the X-Men. The consistency of great writing continued surprisingly long after Chris Claremont stopped writing it in 1991, but with the House of M in 2005 Bendis started (with a bang) what should be a long decline that culminated (in an ongoing lowest point) when he himself started writing it. From that moment on the X-Men was truly doomed.
  This is the point, really, or at least one very important one. With the House of M the decimation of the X-Men in the Marvel Universe began in earnest. It wasn’t just that the mutant population was decimated, but also their importance. The Inhumans have taken the X-Men’s place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and by now pretty much in the comics as well.
  The X-Men movie franchise was given/sold to Fox a few years earlier. Marvel didn’t have their movie production company then and had no plans of having any either. The success of the films clearly came as a giant surprise to them, and they suddenly regretted their decision. Everything or at least a lot about what happened later is a result of that.
  The X-Men had dominated the comics-world for close to thirty years then and that success was brought over to the movies as well. The success of the first movie started the comics-mania in films. It made all the later superhero movies possible.
  And Marvel, having placed themselves on the sidelines, didn’t have control of it.
  Fox and Marvel haven’t really cooperated at all. Their rivalry grew even stronger with the disagreement about what to do with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Both Marvel and Fox wanted to use them, and both have the rights to do so and did. The great X-Men - Days of Future Past film used the accepted, established story. The horrible Avengers: Age of Ultron quite simply ignored it. In the comics they were mutants and Magneto’s children… until Marvel changed that, too, in yet another lousy move on their part, and no one can convince me that that wasn’t an editorial decision imposed from the very top in the Marvel/Disney hierarchy. It was quite evident and resulted in horrible writing.
  We see time and time again how imposed editorial decisions and financial concerns ruin the potential for telling great stories, in comics, films, novels and art in general. This is clearly one more such.

  My frustration with mainstream comics, always present has long since grown beyond acceptance.

  Update 2016-05-20:

  The new, new Marvel Universe is several months old, and it's worse than I expected. There are several weeks where no readable, or even remotely readable story is published. We should place two tombstones somewhere. They should say «here rest Marvel and DC. They were great once, but will never be again».

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Society steals years from the poor

  Society and those in charge of it is very good at distracting people from the real issues. They serve people entertainment, bread and circuses, and the latest threat from the current perceived enemies.
  While media and most people focus on false and insignificant issues like that, virtually everything within current local, national and global society goes from bad to worse to horrible.
  The gap between rich and poor in terms of living conditions and thereby how long people live is widening dramatically. It’s a fairly simple equation, confirmed by statistics. The poor live an unhealthy life because they have no choice. Healthy food is expensive. So is healthcare and virtually anything else. The world’s poor, also those in North Western Europe are condemned to a bad quality of life. Where you are born and who your parents are and so forth become far more important than your own effort. School and society in general don’t correct these crucial differences, but on the contrary exacerbate them. This demonstrates yet again what capitalism and the notion of the «advantages» of a hierarchy are truly about, what it leads to, that the fact is that the world is indeed governed by murderers. Victor Hugo spoke truth:

«The paradise of the rich is made out of the Hell of the poor».

  The myth is that everyone is better off if a few is very well off, when an elite can enjoy luxuries beyond contempt.
  Human society is filled with such paltry illusions.
  The worst is that no matter how many times they are exposed very few are acting on that, coming together and says that enough is enough. Streets that should have been filled with protests… are empty.
  When you hear the neo-liberalists claiming that the market shall rule supreme, you get thoroughly fed up. There are many things to be fed up about in today’s world, but the claim that economic inequality must be accepted and is acceptable and even a good thing is one of the worst and most fundamental.
  When a given woman or man living, or rather existing in a poor neighborhood is content with reaching retirement age and don’t demand more of life than that it is lived and ends in poverty, that illustrates in excellent ways how effective the oppression is, how broken most people are, how effective the Machine ruins people’s hunger for true life and independence.
  Social injustice kills people on a grand scale. A huge majority of today’s humanity is robbed of life. That’s the ugly truth.

  Should we be polite in such a world, when we describe it? Should we stand there with a bowed head and beg favors of the wealthy, follow the laws and the rules, and be a good sheep, and thank the masters for the few and meager crumbs of life we are handed?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Amos Keppler - labels

  De facto multi artist, multi human
  Political activist
  Forest dweller
  Graphic designer
  Poker player

  To name a few

  I hate labels, really…

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Injustice tortures and kills

  More and more reports, among them Commission on the Social Determinants of Health from the World’s Health Organization (WHO) published in 2008 state categorically and once again what we all know and point out facts that most people don’t think about or wish to think about: social factors are crucial when it comes to determine people’s health and how long and how well a given individual lives.
  Contrary to popular belief the difference isn’t always between given countries, rich and poor, developed and developing countries, but what part of a given country or city you’re born. Genetic differences determine only to a lesser degree health and how old you become. Genetics express, like always only potential, not fact.

  The difference in expected human age between the neglected suburb Calton and rich Lenzie in Glasgow is 28 years, between Hampstead and St. Pancras in London 11 years. The wealth or lack of wealth of the parents determines increasingly a child’s health, possibilities and life cycle. The report, easily valid in all countries has researched the connection between life cycle and living condition in three years. Big and small factors present an unequivocal conclusion: «Social injustice is killing people on a grand scale».

  So, when the politicians and mighty and wealthy people create and maintain a system of fundamental injustice, they are, in truth mass murderers and torturers surpassing in major ways the most infamous killers and dictators.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

No place to hide

  When I’m now once again reading No Place to Hide by Glenn Greenwald, about the NSA, Edward Joseph Snowden and The Surveillance State, I am once again amazed by it, by its content and its ability to amaze, shock and move me.
  I always knew that there was extensive surveillance, but its vast extent surprised even me. The most outrageous statement and claim from the most paranoid among us was suddenly validated. Even they underestimated the danger. We hadn’t been paranoid. We hadn’t been paranoid enough.
  There is Snowden itself, of course, his quiet determination and courage, his desire to get the explosive material published no matter the cost to himself. There is the entire situation surrounding it, Greenwald’s justified distrust of established media and everything related to it, established media’s deliberate and eager cooperation with those in charge. There is one exposure, one undeniable fact on top of another.
  One of many things it does is to reveal irrevocably Barrack Obama and his administration as enemies of freedom and of mankind itself. Obama is shown as an active and eager, not merely a passive participant in the surveillance. He is a conman, one of the cleverest elected presidents ever and always was. He never had any intention of making good his election promises, deliberately deceiving the electorate even more than the usual politician.
  His remaining supporters should definitely read this book.
  Greenwald was among those with high hopes that Obama becoming president would lead to improvements, but those hopes were quickly crushed, in virtually all areas of politics. Obama, during the election, among other things, spoke highly of whistleblowers and the need for supporting them, but has, during his presidency persecuted them worse than any president before him.
  The first article showed that NSA had been working with Verizon (and virtually every other telephone company in America) in order to sweep customers’ phone records.
  Revelations on PRISM, spying on foreign, allied governments, The UK GCHQ program, XKeyscore, undermining of Internet security and more quickly followed suit, exposures with a value that can hardly be underestimated.
  I think all the exposures are great, of course, and reject the propaganda attacks from the establishment against Snowden, Greenwald and other whistleblowers completely.

  If I’m unhappy with anything is that they didn’t reveal everything. I would have wished they had released every single bit of information they have. I certainly don’t care about the security of United States and its spies around the world. They are an integrated part of a beyond sinister network oppressing mankind and deserve no quarter.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Things to do in London when burning with passion and life (II)


  Thursday morning I had one of only two breakfasts at the hotel. It’s expensive and not really giving you much for your money.
  I left the camera in the hotel room, deciding on a whim to experience London without it that day, temporarily falling back on my old, misguided conviction that dragging a camera around lessens a given Journey.
  I usually stay in Bayswater, close to the Central Line stations of Lancaster Gate or Queensway, but this time I stayed in Paddington, just a minute’s walk from Paddington Station and the Bakerloo Line. The Central Line would have taken me to Tottenham Court Road (it’s closed most of 2015). Bakerloo takes everyone (or at least me) straight to Piccadilly Circus.
  Dorothy and I met up at Costa, in Covent Garden, one of my favorite coffee shop chains. We have known each other for twenty-seven years and we share two children between us. We’ve always enjoyed an off/on relationship and have never really split up. Fairly long periods of absence have been coupled with intense moments of reunion, an «arrangement» suiting us both.
  We first encountered each other on the beyond memorable Midsummer Night of 1988 and moved into a squatted house together not long afterwards. The next five years should be one of the most amazing periods of our lives. She, more than any other person, showed me what life is about.
  She had great news for me this Thursday morning. I knew that, just by looking at her, before she even started speaking. She had actually managed to gather most of the old gang, doing so for the first time in years. I felt how anticipation filled me. We were both excited beyond words, an excitement clearly visible to everyone else present. Some were angry at our loud voices, while others loved our sizzling exhilaration and mounting joy.
  Usually I sit a while and enjoy my time at a coffee shop, but this time I devoured my giant cappuccino in no time, and we were off to the nearest pub, having decided to start the celebration of our reunion early.
  It’s always a strange feeling for me to be in the company of a given woman… and being unable to take my eyes off her. It’s almost like I try to imprint forever every single line of her face on my cerebral cortex. Her stare was equally intense. We didn’t mind and sat there toasting and cheering and drinking Guinness as if our last day had come. Sometimes later we had dinner at a great non-expensive vegetarian place north of Oxford Street. We were back at devouring Guinness not long after that.
  Usually I don’t drink much alcohol in London or when traveling at all, since I’m high enough just by the act of traveling, but this time was different.

  We ended up on my hotel room, celebrating our reunion the rest of the day and evening, keeping it up until we fell into a deep, deep, dreamless sleep.


Sunday, August 02, 2015

Twenty months

  Since I bought my Canon EOS 5D Mark III I have made approximately 7500 image files, both photographs and film cuts. Of those about one tenth has been useful in some way, and will be used in some way or another.
  I will always take far more photos and files than I use, but I don’t delete anything or much. They all tell my story during the time period in question to some extent.
  I learned to use it, to more or less master its very intuitive technical hurdles in just three days. To work off my rustiness brought on by my long break and to an extent master photography again, took longer. But during this time I have learned the answers to most of those questions I had before I procured the camera about photography and movie productions, found far more and learned a lot in the process. As with most things I do, it’s a matter of unending, life-long learning.
  Adobe Creative Cloud, with Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere and other applications is also a part of this. It clearly adds to and enriches my experience of the camera further.
  I am quite pleased with my Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG «Art» wide angle lens. The occasional vignetting in F1.4 and 2.0 is significant, but can easily be removed in Adobe Photoshop if desirable. With me, enjoying shadows and dark fields in many pictures it very often isn’t.
  This is my only lens so far. That can feel limiting at times, of course, but it also encourages me to blow away whatever limitations there are or might be. You don’t take portraits with a wide angle lens, some photographers claim. I do! I take all kinds of photos with it, actually, except close up wild animal photos. That’s as close to being impossible you can get.
  Anyway, as I often do I work well with imposed limitations, both because I have to and because I can. Being a man lacking financial muscles I’ve taught myself to expand the possible into the impossible. I’ve taught myself to work and grow with a zero-budget, which is liberating in itself. You kind of force-grow your creativity, adding further to your enjoyment of the process.
  There are inevitable frustrations, but I’ve taught myself to deal with them, too, taught myself even more patience. Like with my novels and other things, I get things done, even though it takes time.
  I saved money for five years before being able to procure this camera. It was worth it.
  In 2008, when the Mark 2 was released, I knew it wasn’t quite what I was looking for, but I also knew the next step in digital evolution would be. I was right.

  I waited for the Mark 2 to metamorphose into Mark 3. It was worth it.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Things to do in London when burning with passion and life (I)


  People keep asking me what I’m actually doing in London
  I don’t really understand or fathom the question, but here is my answer anyway. This is a fairly incomplete list of what I did in a given week in early May.
  What am I actually doing in London? Not necessarily that much all the time. The most important part of it has always been the experience of it, taking in the unique mood present in the very air around me.
  This visit turned out to be even more than usual special, since I was down (but not out) with a cold during half of my stay.

  The plane landed on Gatwick airport, on time 10.15 in the late morning. I had no luggage, but just carried all my stuff, except for the camera in a fortified plastic bag, so except for the usual looong walk through the southern terminal I was out of there pretty fast. My expectation of enjoying the usual Large Cappuccino at Costa right after landing was frustrated when the coffee bar in question was closed for refurbishing. I wasn’t too disappointed. There are tons of Costa coffee bars in London.

  I can intellectually recall what I feel every time I walk the streets of London, but after a while after having left them I have a hard time actually remembering emotionally. It’s fading with absence and the dull sadness of civilization takes its place.
  Everything is flooding back, now, when I, after a thirty-two months absence wander the streets of London once again.
  I do believe in the enduring human spirit. In fact I embrace it. And every time I spend time in London it’s there, at the forefront of my elevated state of consciousness. That doesn’t mean I forget about the less unsavory aspect of human nature, certainly not, it just makes me focus more on what’s truly important and experience life in an even more than usual passionate and valuable way.

  I took the Gatwick Express to Victoria Station. I tell myself every time that I should take the slower and less expensive train, with more stops, but every time I get impatient and want to reach central parts of London as fast as possible.
  The first thing I did, the first thing I always do when reaching Central London is to buy myself a one-week travel card. I know I will use public transport extensively, and this is so much less expensive compared to buying single tickets that it is ridiculous.
  There was a queue as usual. I met a man asking me for directions, and I was able to help him, easily.
  The awkwardness persisted, as I made my way to the hotel. This is always next on my list. When I have checked in at the hotel, I can start relaxing, start doing London, start awakening, searching for my «London feeling».
  My first attempt at doing that is usually my first dinner. I usually go for a safe dish the first day, so I went to Friday’s and my favorite spare ribs.
  I usually enjoy that immensely, but this time I didn’t, for some reason. It felt like a totally unremarkable meal, with little or no joy. The prices had gone up with thirty percent since my last visit, but that wasn’t it either. I took some picture, both inside and outside the restaurant. They were not very good.
  Dinner was done. I moved through rainy streets. It was just a drizzle, really, nothing for one growing up in western Norway. We know what true rain is, and this wasn’t it.
  I started snapping pictures in Coventry Street and on Leicester Square, and later in Covent Garden, places I am intimately familiar with. There had been a few changes since I last walked there, but not that many. Covent Garden was the place I first spent time when I arrived in London in July 1983. It was also where I and the guys had played street theater in the late eighties and early nineties. It brought back tons of memories.
  I ended up going to one of my favorite pubs, The Coach and Horses and had my first Guinness. Its taste was great, as always. I sat there enjoying myself, without a care in the world.
  Except for the slight irritation in my throat that had been there since the airport before departure. I ignored that.
  I had a second Guinness, one tasting even better than the first. Leonard showed up when I had downed half of that. We met through the Internet some years back and have been friends since. It’s a curious thing. Without the Internet we would probably never have met. Some friendships take years to develop, but we clicked instantly.
  So, we sit there during most of the afternoon, having one of our excited conversations about life, existence, politics and everything. To grossly underestimate it: it was yet another great afternoon in London.
  One of my goals for the evening was to locate the poetry club in Covent Garden, but even though I searched extensively, I was unable to do so. If I had owned a smart phone or brought my laptop it would have been easy, but I dislike smart phones and usually take a deliberate break from computing when I am traveling. I had brought a copy of Secrets, my latest poetry collection, and was prepared to do some public reading.

  Giving up after a while I went to Starbucks and bought some coffee. The place in New Oxford Street, like the Coach and Horses and my encounter with Leonard and others always gives me inspiration to write and take notes in my paper notebook, and it did this time as well. I wrote several pages that afternoon and evening, and several of the plots of my unfinished novels made major advances forward.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Brink - The Sixth Great Mass Extinction Event is here and it’s us

  When is a given species in most danger? At the top of its dominion of a given ecosystem.
  Humanity currently dominates, with a few exceptions, directly of indirectly virtually all ecosystems on this planet.

  Once again, we get to know for ourselves the obvious truth that civilization is organized insanity. This isn’t a matter of doing some limited «conservation» or fixing a few problems concerning release of pollution like climate gases or poisonous chemicals. It’s about human society, about civilization itself. What has been more than obvious for a long time has recently become even more so: It must go!
  Rachel Carson with her book Silent Spring made a splash with its stark warnings about human produced chemicals more than fifty years ago, but it didn’t really make an impact, not even approaching one necessary in order to deal with the issue at hand.
  The dire warnings about global warming have been with us for at least twenty-five years now, but even though we talk a little about it, there is no real impact on our society. Even if virtually all solutions currently on the public table are implemented it will do us little good.
  Nuclear power plants continue to bombard all life on the planet with the deadliest poison in existence.
  We are screwing with life and nature on all levels. Frankenstein products, like genetic modified organisms, are numerous and pervasive, their proponents wealthy and influential, with all mainstream politicians in their pockets.
  And now, these days we get the beyond dire warnings of the final nail in our coffin, the facts about what we have wrought.
  There has been some limited debate whether or not the Sixth Great Mass Extinction is on its way or already is here. Now, more and more reports make it clear that the latter is true. The report, led by the universities of Stanford, Princeton and Berkeley in the United States confirms and exceeds the findings in earlier studies. Vertebrates are disappearing at a rate at least 114 times normal. The species going extinct in the last century would have normally taken thousands of years to do so, and would probably not have without humanity’s pervasive dominion. The total loss of biodiversity is a reality and is fast approaching an irreversible state that will take nature millions of years to recover from.
  The culprit is human civilization, is practically everything we, humanity are currently doing and humanity is also one of the species that will go early, in about hundred years or so. «Conservation» is a joke and has always been. We save one or two tigers, for instance while the species are heading for extinction, and we do nothing about the actual cause. And as stated; this isn’t about a few species, but about all of them, except perhaps cockroaches and similar.
  If we manage to kill off the cockroach, one of the most adaptive creatures on Earth, there is really no hope for us.
  We are destroying the foundation of our own survival. Urban «development», destruction of ever more wilderness, habitats and the ever-stronger level of pollution and chemicals soaking ecosystems are choking all life. We seek cheaper and «cleaner» energy, but don’t realize that it’s the use of energy that must go way down, not the access to energy that must go way up.
  To make it totally clear: the extinction isn’t due to a few limited factors, but to the beyond excessive presence of humans on the planet and our equally excessive capacity and penchant for destruction. Our tools become ever more «improved and effective». A small group of humans can remove or have removed a given large forest or destroy huge chunks of wilderness with a snap of fingers. Such groups are numerous and widespread, are everywhere, really. Advanced technology can not help us. Advanced technology is a huge part of what got us into this mess and a major part of the vast wrongness surrounding us. The claim that what is causing the problem can help solving it is definitely yet another proof of the ongoing insanity. The massive priorities of our totally unsustainable society are pushing all other life forms out. The depopulation of all life, along with all the other factors threatens our own survival in countless and massive ways. «Our way of life» is horrendously wrong. We have long since become like a cosmic disaster, a force of unparalleled horror and devastation in this world.
  To repeat: all current human activity is grossly unsustainable. Civilization itself must go if we want to survive as a species.
  You think this is pessimistic and/or drastic? Then, quite frankly you are just one more dangerous idiot refusing to acknowledge reality.
  One more concern, among many is that even if humanity returns to being hunter/gatherers, like we should, there won’t be enough left of nature and wildlife, making our changes of surviving even slimmer. The longer we wait, the less likely our survival.
  Human society is going in the wrong direction, in all areas, going from bad to worse to horrible with practically everything we do, with every new act and «invention», bringing us ever closer to the brink.
  We don’t need more capitalism, more inequality, more injustice, more «free trade», more technology, more destruction of lives and nature, but that’s where we are heading. We are headed for a totally unprecedented destruction, a tailspin collective suicide run of our own making. We are fading, heading for death with a pitiful whimper, and we’re taking life on Earth with us.

  As always, the links are gateways to crucial background material and are important for better understanding of the issue at hand.

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Great New Barbarians

  I had another post-civilization dream last night, adding itself to all those before it, one more about the challenges and joy during and after the collapse of the world-wide tyranny marring humanity for so long.
  We had to teach ourselves how to live again, educate ourselves in order to not repeat the vast mistakes of the society of our birth, adolescence and adulthood.
  But doing that, teaching ourselves and the emerging children aren’t that difficult. We encourage everyone to think for themselves and not being led by others. In only one generation we unlearn everything making humanity a plague on the Earth.

  This is a work in progress, an ongoing, never-ending process.

  This is the future Earth, the future human societies as they, generally speaking, should be.
  Forests and wilderness cover the planet. Civilization has been abandoned, its physical and psychological scars slowly, painfully fading until nothing but echoes remain. Wildlife returns everywhere.
  A child is born to a tribe. It, male or female, is welcomed and cared for by the entire tribe, not just the biological parents. All the tribe’s members are its parents, but the children don’t owe any obligation to any of them, except to become a complete, independent person, not owing any obligation to anyone.
  A society with a justified pride in itself and its citizens needs to encourage variety and creativity and independence, not merely accept it, and it must certainly not do everything it can to smother it, like civilization does.
  The children play with each other. They learn how to value their friends and fellow tribe members, and not put them down at every turn, not put themselves before others. They learn that everyone and everything have true value, and that life is precious, and that property, the very idea of it is a bad thing. They are told empathically that strangers should be welcomed around the campfire.
  They learn to hunt and survive and thrive, in a world teeming with life and fire, both spiritual and actual.
  The new barbarians and nomads cross the wilderness with determination, smiles and laughter on their mind.

  There is no perfect society, nor will there ever be one, fortunately not, but this will at least encourage mankind’s good and great traits, not the bad and ugly, like civilization does.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


  I won’t claim to be completely free of the bias and intolerance marring present day human society. It’s impossible to grow up in such a rather dismal place without being damaged by it in some way or another. But I have worked hard since I became conscious of such things to remove them from my thoughts and imposed automatic responses.
  It’s an ongoing, never-ending process, thousands of big and small notions and sneaky impositions to deal with and confront.
  Sadly, most people today, so willingly fucked up practically embrace their bias, encourage it in themselves and others at every turn.
  I and others attempt, at least to liberate ourselves from the imposed narrow reality of our birth, adolescence and adulthood. We don’t react with fear and distrust confronted with the unknown. We are not easy buttons to push when a new, suggestive headline encourages a given population to attack immigrants and people with a different skin color or culture and outcasts in a given society in general. Single mothers and impoverished people, for instance are still objects of choice when those in charge need someone to blame.
  Use buzzwords like God and country, for instance, and people fall in line without resistance.

  It still feels shocking and ridiculous to me how much prejudice there is, how easily most people are played, becoming an eager tool in their own oppression.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Main mistake

  The main mistake the political parties growing out of the old labor movements made was to accept or even tolerate market economy, never truly taking on the forces and people and networks ruling the world. Later they surrendered completely to capitalism when they bought the slogan of «the free market». Now, they've become just one more neo-liberalist movement.
  When socialists or former socialists accepted the conviction, the fatal false maxim of «competition» in school, they lost yet another battleground. Children taught the «value» of beating his or her fellow human being don’t become filled with notions of equality and justice, of course. No, they become the typical conservative right winger without compassion for their fellow man or anything, really.
  There are other equally disastrous areas and choices made. The sum of the parts becomes clear early in any given study.
  When former UK prime minister, ongoing tyrant and war monger Tony Blair says that «Labour must recapture the political center» his words will find easy support in UK Labour. They will nod in acknowledgment and with stupendous grins.
  What Ed Miliband and cohorts did wrong wasn't that they were «too Marxist», but that they weren't anywhere near that step in the right direction. It wasn't a tragedy that Labour «lost» the election, because they in truth caved long ago to the forces they were supposed to fight. Labour is perceived, and rightly so as «Conservative Light» or «Red Tories». Its members have no vision of their own.
  Labour has become totally insignificant.

  There is a crucial lesson here for the Green Party, unless they have caved already. Their German counterpart certainly has, over twenty years ago.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

The ongoing Labour terror regime

  Re: the upcoming UK election:
  Once again «voters» will choose or may choose what they see as the lesser evil, in order to protect themselves from the perceived bigger evil. They have clearly learned nothing. Five years ago they fled from the Labour terror regime and now they return, like lemmings, like sheep, like ants without independent thought.
  With an amazing lack of logic and basic use of their faculties, they perceive the current Labour leadership as different from the previous.
  «Ed Miliband is not Tony Blair», one blind and deaf voter told me.
  I guess that is true, but he isn’t that much different either. He’s heading Labour, a party that, like the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP has long since shown itself to be an integrated part of the establishment, one executing its oppressive laws and administrating oppression. Labour, led by Miliband supports fracking, Trident, austerity, racism and the unending NATO/US war, among countless other bad things. But that is really incidental compared to the fact that they support and defend the current system, yet another tyranny with another name, one filled with inequality and systemic violence.
  A wise man once said that «insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results».
  What do you call people that are willingly and eagerly fooled time and time again? Is calling them mindless puppets fair or not?
  At least some of those voting Labour, and similar, in all countries claim they desire change and justice and fairness and equality, but they don’t really, which is obvious by their actions.

  In various polls Labour, The Conservative Party, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP get close to ninety percent of the votes. That means close to ninety percent of the voters are horribly wrong. It’s yet another sign of the horrible state of the UK and the world.

  My detailed article about Labour embracing the 1984 scenario as a roadmap, not as a threat:
  A record speaking for itself

Saturday, March 14, 2015


  I had a conversation with a Greenpeace-recruiter recently. The difference between us and our views quickly manifested and was substantial.
  I told her that Greenpeace didn't go anywhere far enough in their struggle against pollution and in their opposition to the destruction of the natural world, and that they were basically cozying up to the forces ruining life on Earth, that they needed to attack the roots of the vast problems haunting humanity, not only a selected few of its physical manifestations.
  And she looked at me as if she didn't understand what I was talking about.
  I told her that I was quite familiar with her organization and that if I wished to join it or support it, I would have done so decades ago.
  And that was that.

  Greenpeace does some good things. Especially their fight against nuclear power sits well with me. In an age where several professed environmental activists promote nuclear power with the stated purpose of halting the human created climate change, such a fight is particularly valuable.
  Greenpeace is one of the best ecological organizations accepted by the establishment.

  The keywords here being «accepted by the establishment».

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Twenty years

  Tomorrow it is twenty years since I bought my first computer and started on the path of what would become digital publishing. Many things changed, both big and small. It revolutionized my writing. It quickly felt like a completely different process. The cut, copy and paste function on MS Word alone made it more than worth it. Later came image-manipulation and the Internet, leading to even more great stuff. It was a new age. It’s strange to look back on it, now, and realize that there are kids growing up today that never have experienced a life without it.
  There were some initial growth pains, but nothing major. I don’t miss the use of my old typewriter with its antiquarian and inadequate correction system and photo darkroom with stinking chemicals at all. I've written far more the last twenty years compared to the twenty-two before that.

  It’s also, coincidentally the twenty-fifth anniversary of my first meeting with a close friend of mine. That fateful day of coincidence brought lots of great things to us both.

  We plan on celebrating both events accordingly.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

The abysmal current mainstream affairs

  Capitalism is a religion, in the sense that its defenders can’t imagine a different way of doing things. They make up countless excuses on behalf of their religion and keep claiming that «if only we had true capitalism everything would be alright». It’s a classic way of shifting blame. They don’t know what the word alternative means and are hardly even aware of its existence.
  It’s pretty much the same with civilization itself. Its defenders react with incredulity when alternatives are proposed, and with lots of automatic thinking.
  That is, in a world with countless wrongs the very worst part of today’s local, national and global human society. The dominant view of the world is so totally inflexible, so unable to change its ways that to call it a tyranny is kind.
  And there are those very aware of what current society is, what a slick tyranny it is. They don’t want it to change or even improve. They like it here and they are very good at making propaganda on behalf of their dream society.
  Humans, like most animals are active creatures in both body and mind. Civilization is pacifying us. And that’s exactly like those in charge want it.
  And they have an easy job.
  To say that those in charge are failing is to give them too much credit. They're not failing in anything, not in their own eyes. They're succeeding in keeping the population subjugated.
  For most people it is as if anything outside mainstream existence doesn't exist. That’s a major problem, a downright dangerous attitude, because today, more than ever, mainstream is death.
  It’s like there is a wall around them, keeping them from seeing the most obvious truth, and they don’t even try to look beyond it, beyond their own imposed and self-imposed limitations.

  Current human society is dominated by mainstream fanaticism.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The danger of (some) vaccines

  Seventy children and thirty-one adult Norwegians developed Narcolepsy because they took the swine flu vaccine Pandermix in 2009. That’s the number that has been confirmed and acknowledged by Norwegian health authorities so far. It’s expected to rise. The victims sleep too much, too little, moving around in a constant state of fatigue and need to sleep, unable to quite get there, get that healthy deep sleep.
  Some of them and others have also developed Cataplexy, a condition making it risky to experience strong emotions. They can suddenly lose all strength in their muscles, making it impossible for them to ever drive a car, for instance. They can’t even laugh in fear of getting sick. There is an extensive list of diseases linked to the vaccine. No one knows exactly how many that has become sick. They will all have reduced quality of life for the rest of their lives.
  Those 101 have been granted 170 million kroner in compensation, less than two million (approximately $300 000) each for something they will never recover from. There are several hundred cases yet to be determined.
  People in other countries choosing Pandermix have suffered the same horrible side effects.

  I dislike both fanatic vaxxers and anti-vaxxers. It isn’t common, but in this I find myself at the center. I do believe the use of vaccines has merit, that they do work and should be used in some cases.
  But there must be much more flexibility in their use, a far more restrictive regime, the decision made on a case to case basis. Mass vaccination should only be considered in extreme cases. Along with the fact that the Norwegian government had strong ties to GlaxoSmithKline, the producer of Pandermix, it was the automatic thinking that vaccines should be used that led to the horror scenario described above.
  The health authorities in various countries claim that they had no knowledge of the dangers in advance, but that is a bald faced lie. I knew about them and had read several articles about it, and therefore didn’t take the vaccine, just like some of the health officials didn't give Pandermix to their children…
  It did also help me that I’m allergic to vaccines and get sick every time I take them, and had to stop taking them long ago. I almost died twice and haven’t taken any since I was nineteen. But you don’t read about cases like that in most medical journals either.
  I guess I’m most pissed off at the Vaxxers, because of their cock and bull confidence in their obviously wrong conviction, and their total inability to compromise on it. They are supposed to be rational, to be supportive of true inquiry, but in truth they are just as irrational as some of those on the other side. It is indeed both funny and sick when fanatical defenders of vaccination portray themselves as beacons of reason.
  People holding «measles parties» for their children are ridiculed and attacked by Vaxxers, but that is the best and natural way of controlling the disease the way I see it. Measles, as a rule aren't dangerous, no more than the common cold. Vaccination of pertussis is unreliable, at best and don’t last very long. Norwegian health authorities, perhaps a bit more cautious actually advised older people against taking this season’s flu vaccine recently. The Italian Cochran institute found in an extensive study that flu vaccines hardly have any measurable effect.
  There are other examples.
  And that is before I take into account that the drug production companies take shortcuts all the time and lobby hard for the use of even more medicine, in order to line their own pockets even more than they already have. The more the merrier. Quite often it isn’t a medical reason why a given vaccine is used at all.

  There is a terror regime of vaccination and that must stop.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The best propaganda show since the Nazis…

  The attacks in Paris and their aftermath say far more about western countries and their hypocrisy and racism than they do about Islam.
  Christian crusaders kill people daily, all over the world, including many children, usually without a single voice of protest in established media or protests in the streets. When the French president expelled the Rom people very few raised their voice.
  When twelve representatives for a racist French publication are gunned down people are up in arms. All the right buttons are pushed.

  The United States and its allies have the best, the best possible contacts with extreme Islamist groups and have for decades. They have funded and supported them all over the globe, often created them from scratch, like Al Qaeda and ISIS.
  A tyranny needs an enemy, a set of enemies to point at in order to perpetuate the eternal war.

  The chance of this being a false flag operation is high. The US/NATO history of such actions is long and sordid. That alone makes it likely, if not certain.
  Yet another «anti-terror law» was in the works and France was about to support Palestinian statehood, a typical set of circumstances that has led to false flag operations in the past.

  If the word «terrorism» has any validity at all, it is the western governments and the forces behind them that are the true terrorists.

  But let us say for the sake of argument that this, for once is not a false flag operation, that the attack was «genuine» and that a true Islamist group not directed by the United States and/or France was behind the attack.

  The killing of people exercising their freedom of speech is a horrible act, of course, no matter who is behind it.

  This was, right from the start a major mainstream conceited stroke fest, emphasizing the fake notion of western freedom of speech.

  The western freedom of expression is yet another sham, a myth that the mindless masses are taught as fact. Only expressions acceptable to mainstream society and a few, selected fringe «opinions» are allowed. I, for one loathe and have always loathed any kind of censorship and felt strongly that freedom of speech should be absolute. I’m with Voltaire and support his statement without reservations. No matter how vile a statement, it should be met with nothing but vocal opposition.

  People criticizing the UK/US/NATO slaughter in Iraq have been sent to prison and/or persecuted since the invasion.

  France, like all western countries is a deeply racist society. Racism is and has been accepted as part of the mainstream for a long time. Racism has long since become a «politically correct» expression. The killings don’t really expose the ugliness of Islam, at least not compared to how their aftermath exposes ruthlessly the western society.

  During the latest Gaza massacre the French government banned protests supporting the Palestinians. During the march Netanyahu the butcher, Netanyahu the zionist neonazi was given free reign to promote his twisted ideology.

  I expect the millions taking to the streets in Paris and elsewhere in the world to protest actively against censorship, all the oppressive «anti-terror» laws and the general tyranny in western countries in the days and week and months to come. Tons of people have been imprisoned and persecuted in western countries for speaking their mind. Very few protested against that. All western governments and dominating parts of their society have waged WAR against freedom of speech for decades. Most people have stayed silent. The best and most polite one can say about the Paris march/rally is that it was the best propaganda show for western oppression since the Nazis...
  It was far worse than that, of course.
  French sick and pompous nationalism ran rampant. Muslims have been attacked en masse. «France as a nation has been attacked» and the mob is up in arms. We get a show highlighting French militarism.
  The people participating in the Paris march, and elsewhere allowed/allow themselves to be used by oppressive forces, period, used by oppressive forces again, and it is certainly nothing to admire or emulate.
  What do you call people that are willingly and eagerly fooled time and time again? Is calling them mindless puppets fair or not?

  The great thing is that there has been and is an ongoing backlash. A considerable minority has seen through the vast deception and made a considerable effort to expose it for what it is.

  We will continue to do so.

  Update 2015-02-02 Since the march French authorities have continued to relentlessly pursue and punish people exercising their rights to free speech and expression. Among them is an eight year old boy...
  They have also expanded their ban on protesting in favor of the Palestinians.