Sunday, December 07, 2014

Unmaking tyranny

  Today’s local, national and global society encourages all our bad traits, rewards oppression and censorship.
  I've written before (many times) about the need for disregarding established human institutions. This is a step further in this regard.
  There is one simple and fundamental truth: A system cannot be reformed or changed, only destroyed. Any attempt to change it from within will fail and it will reset itself according to its long-time design.
  Experience and basic history tells us that this is a more than correct assessment also when it comes to human society.
  So, the self-evident truth is that we can’t base our struggle for justice and freedom and a truly sustainable environment on what has never worked.
  It isn't about ignoring established public and private institutions, but about bypassing them, work to lessen their impact and dominance, until they eventually dissolve into nothing.
  Make no mistake, though, they will not go down quietly. They will do anything, and I do mean anything in order to hold on to their position. True freedom can never be given, but must be taken.
  The first step is to stop heeding cops, courts and so called elected institutions, ignoring them, bypassing them as much as possible, reject and disregard both private and public government. This takes a bit of preparation, but surprisingly little. Your mental attitude is the most important part. Those in charge have physical power at their disposal, and that shouldn't be underestimated, but what they more than anything have going for them is the power over our minds. Stephen Biko said that the most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed, and that is so very, very true. Move beyond that and you have taken a major step towards true freedom.
  The second is to continue formulating and forming alternatives, truly autonomous communities and develop them further. As stated, there are quite a few of them in play already. There are urban green anarchist and survival groups, methods to survive even in civilization without submitting to the tyranny of civilization. You can make your home in the forest and the wilderness. Hunting/gathering is still possible today, one or the other or both. Farming without joining the system is still an option. Your own, expanded private garden can easily be enough to survive on, if done right, or you can join a group of anti-commercial urban gardeners exchanging food and drink and drawing on each other’s experience.
  All in all, there are countless ways to be truly independent, both mentally and physically. If you don’t know how, you can easily gather sufficient information in order to start out. With today’s easily available information it will take a couple of weeks, tops, to gather the actual knowledge, at least the basics. Understanding and putting it to work will probably take longer. You will most likely struggle a bit at first, but if you keep struggling, fighting against the odds you will get there.
  Society as it is, the current system of massive oppression should be dismantled piece by piece. Those in charge can only retain their power with willing subjects to rule and to do their dirty work. Without servants the tyrants are helpless. They only have power over you as long as you allow it.
  The third and ongoing step is to keep doing whatever you’re doing, in this respect for the rest of your life, faced with both external and internal pressure. Make sure it’s an active and involving process able to take more than a few hits. The process, successful or not, will be its own reward.

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  I found what I didn't know in just a few minutes. Granted, you have to wade through tons of commercial shit and status quo projects to get to the good, reliable stuff, but at least this should be a comprehensive starting point for anyone interested.
  Not all the links may be useful for you or even for me, depending on the situation in which we find ourselves. Asking the right questions and use the right search words can be a problem. I focus on what is truly independent and different, and not more of the same, more a part of existing society.

  I will continue to update myself on this, like I have for fifteen years, unmaking tyranny, making life and fire.
  I would also appreciate/consider any addition you can give me to this list.

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