Sunday, December 21, 2014

One car

  Just the production of one single car causes untold and unacceptable harm and destruction of nature and life on Earth. You need a production facility for the car, a way to assemble its parts. Then, many of those parts need an entire poisonous factory each. It needs roads to drive on, and in order to make those roads, you need even more factories and production facilities. It’s fucking insane! And that’s just one car.
  There are many millions. Over 600 BILLIONS have been made in total.
  It should be or should have been self-evident to everybody that the very existence of cars on Earth is contributing in major ways to what is humanity’s collective suicide, our tailspin suicide run.
  The car, when you think it through is a walking suicide.
  We see an unprecedented destruction of nature and all life today. Humanity has become the Sixth (seventh) Great Extinction Event, become (like) a cosmic disaster.

  We, humanity as a whole must admit that we need to get rid of far more insanity than merely The Car. It is, after all only one on a horrendously long list of various types of destructive toys we make. We must change our lives and the way we see the world completely and utterly, and must do so many yesterdays ago.

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