Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mall of death and death of freedom

  When you step into a shopping mall, any given shopping mall, and this is the same all over the world, you enter what is basically a blown up piece of real estate, «private property», a place where you leave yourself at the mercy of its owners and henchmen, where you’re even more at risk of being victimized by the forces of law and order than on the outside.
  Representatives of private «security firms» may at any time, with or without a reason, with any given pretext decide to mess with you, and you can do little or nothing to fight against it or even protest properly.
  You may have an issue with a store and/or its employees/owners treating you badly, and if that happens they have the sole power to call «security» on you, not the other way around. What’s worse, those security goons have an excellent working relation with the local police, and can and will call upon them to hassle you further, and even become violent. Whether or not you are in the right or have a major legitimate grievance is not relevant at all.
  A growing number of smaller businesses, like bars and similar, also employs security. It doesn't matter that such people have a long and sordid proven history of dishing out excessive violence. They are still allowed and even encouraged to keep it up.
  Ordinary police forces are bad enough, but rent-a-cops are clearly even worse. The difference between them has never been that big, anyway, and getting increasingly smaller. Enterprise has always been the true employers of the police, and not the public, the way the propaganda claims.

  All this is certainly one of many reasons why I have always been and why I become increasingly critical towards enterprise, business in itself. Today’s inhuman society puts monetary value on everything, including human beings and all living things, and little or no true value beyond that, and we see the result everywhere.

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