Sunday, November 09, 2014

Everything now

  I have not liked and even occasionally downright disliked most of Christopher Nolan’s previous films. Inception and the Dark Knight trilogy were just plain awful.
  Interstellar, however, is clearly his best, by far and quite the engaging and also original movie. It isn't like I was jumping in joy when it ended, but I did enjoy it, and I was eventually also engaged in the story.
  Also due to the fact that I've taught myself complex storytelling and that I, in several of my novels also use the quirks of time as an important part, I realized not long after the issue was introduced that he was the ghost speaking to his daughter and to himself and that the he would eventually end up in the black hole mentioned fairly early in the movie. But me, a seasoned author guessing the plot doesn't make it predictable.
  There are weak, very weak points, among them early scenes with Matthew McConaughey with his daughter in the story, and Anne Hathaway and McConaughey together where it seems like they can’t act, which is clearly erroneous, and Nolan clearly must be blamed for and as if all the faults with his previous films are and will be repeated. It improves eventually though, and the last half hour after the near destruction of the space ship is a pleasure to experience.
  I like it. The pretty, shallow visuals from Inception are almost completely gone. This is something as rare as a gritty science fiction movie. The human factor dominates the story, doing so almost too much. The originality and the scope of it all, its epic feel makes it a far cry from the current typical empty-headed Hollywood trash.
  When directors have made quite a few commercial successes in a row in the Hollywood system, they are usually allowed to make a movie with less interference from a given studio, which often results in a far superior movie compared to those commercial successes. This is clearly the case here.
  Yes, the American flag at the end is annoying. So is also the stupendous claim that «love transcends time and space».

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