Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Another painfully obvious wrong question - about anarchism

  «But has there ever been a working anarchist society anywhere», a given eager clueless and ignorant supporter of today’s oppressive society «asks».

  Implicit in the «question» is that that person doesn't believe there is or has been. It isn't truly a question at all. The person stating it isn't curious, doesn't want the answer, but is happy to continue in the mire of the total ignorance his or her life has become. It’s a «debate» technique on his or her part, a proven successful effort in order to to silence the anarchist or any other radical in question.
  This short, woefully incomplete and slanted list at Wikipedia should convince you how utterly ridiculous your stance is. Yes, yours…
  A giant set of brainwashing techniques is used on all people today by an oppressive society, resulting in a sort of automatic «thinking»/response making most people defend their oppressors and the world they have created and is creating.
  The current local, national and global human society is certainly not working, but has long since become a disaster in progress.
  Anarchism and in particular green anarchism or primitivism is the last prevailing ideology. There have been quite a few such truly great societies during human history. They have mostly folded due to external pressure, not internal. The societies in current Spain previous to its civil war are valid examples. The rest of the world did anything it possibly could in order to end those.
  But as with many great things: the original truly just communities were those of the pre-agriculture nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes, where there was basically no hierarchy, and certainly no strongman leader, like the modern deception/propaganda claims.
  «The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.» Steve Biko

  Reading the articles revealed by clicking on the links is essential for further understanding.

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Anonymous said...

"history" is a dark, dark spell that needs to be broken inside each individual's mind.