Tuesday, November 18, 2014

About any given fairly good television series or film

  The story is okay, but it's not great, like it could and should be. It feels very much like they are doing it with their hands tied behind their back.
  And mind you, here we are talking about the top shelf currently available.
  Most movies or TV-series produced by mainstream media or production companies have more than a childish, immature taint ruining the story. They can be quite violent, but are still immature as hell.
  With a little funding and not that much either I or anyone with a strong desire to move beyond the mundane and censored storytelling dominating today could easily do better. We wouldn't even have to struggle that much.
  There are two forces in play here, two sides of the same coin, really. It’s capitalism/commercialism and that we are in truth living in a tyranny, a society where «unpleasant» thoughts and acts are generally avoided, censored and even persecuted, both because of general oppression and the dominant presence of religion.
  So, we mostly get flat, mainstream stories without much passion, variety and daring.
  When something today is called «good fun and innocent entertainment» or similar it usually isn't that at all, but on the contrary something very sinister, an inherent propaganda distracting us from what we should focus on.
  Why is the world filled with silly love songs, for instance? Those in charge want it that way.
  People are offended by anything these days, and that helps those in charge.

  I mostly get offended by people being offended.

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