Sunday, November 30, 2014

23 nights

  From October 2 to 25 I didn't go anywhere, except into the wilderness not that far from my house, repeating a long-standing tradition of mine to occasionally isolate myself. I filled my fridge to the brim, making sure there is no need to forage in modern grocery stores for a long time. I don’t use any money and are, except through the Internet pretty much isolated from modern society. There are three main reasons for why I’m doing this: one is my need to save money, but I have done it when I have lots of money, too, because I want to experience nature without the distractions of a city life, and it’s very useful if I want to write more than I usually do, and connect even more to my deeper muse and nature.
  I started on another such sequence November 24, and I plan on staying on it the rest of the year. An added, beyond excellent bonus with this is that I will skip christmas shopping altogether, avoid all the insane consumer frenzy, the craziness of people buying tons of stuff they are fooled into believing they need to buy and also most of the giant christian hypocrisy.
  It’s peaceful and so inspiring to completely ignore any ticking of clocks, to be awake and sleep exactly when it suits me. I do everything at my pace and rhythm.
  As stated, I need the dynamic power of both social interaction and solitude to be inspired, but a month or so in solitude is fine. I spent eighteen months in virtual isolation once, where I just didn't have the money to take the bus to the nearest grocery store very often. That was too much, though I did an insane amount of writing during that time (500 000 words on the novels alone).

  Civilization is far away. I know it’s there, but I keep it at arm’s length and embrace the savage and the savage artist within even more than usual.

 In case you don't know: I write everything with christ in it with a small, tiny "c" and god with a small, tiny "g"...

  Update 2015-01-01: From November 24, to December 31, for thirty-seven nights I enjoyed yet another prolonged exile.

  Update 2015-02-21: From January 30, to February 19, I enjoyed my third prolonged exile this «winter».


Anonymous said...

You are definitely on to something with this Amos. I too have done something somewhat similar through medical /personal reasons, and have left my home only rarely these past few weeks/months. You are definitely right about the solitude inspiring more writing, and I have found I much prefer it, because it is what helps me. Thank you for sharing this, and I am glad it works for you as well.

Amos Keppler said...

Thank you, Sarah. Well, as stated both solitude and social interaction in combination is what is doing it for me. Both are indispensable.