Sunday, October 19, 2014

Road of devastation

  They’re making yet another road, road into the forest, ruining even more life in the process. That deep… scar clearly diminishes the joy of moving through these woods.
  Those in charge, with the aid of their many eager servants wage a war against humanity and all life on Earth. They - and all the rest of us in concert destroy piece by piece of nature, of everything we need in order to survive.
  Human society has been a horrible place to live for a long time, and has gone steadily worse. In leaps and bounds it had turned into something where it is impossible to truly live, except on its outskirts, its dark corners and edges.
  Not so strange that. We slowly remove all pleasure from our lives, everything making us thrive and enjoy ourselves, everything making us human and supplant it with mindless entertainment, with death of the spirit.
  A road through the forest, through the wilderness isn't merely a broad piece of asphalt, but a dam to keep life from crossing it. Yes, all science and research and de facto reality not only suggest, but tell us plainly that only tiny encroachments into nature is sufficient to disrupt age old paths. Making reservoirs, «pockets» in the wilderness isn't a good thing at all. It may slow down the dying, but it doesn't in any way put a stop to it. Traditional «conservation», its very idea, not only how it’s practiced has been an abject failure and remains a failed tactic, a stopgap measure at best, a disaster of both willful deception and mindless intent.
  One road destroys or at least ruins a given ecosystem, reducing it in stature and effectiveness.
  And there are many roads. A city, by its very presence in a given area is a disaster for long term survival there.
  All the big mammals are dying, are going extinct. Many smaller, even insects as well. One chemical, or several in combination, so useful in civilization, kills off the bees. Others kill off other animals. We see it every day, see how the massive amount of poison we have introduced into the soil and water and air works on the animals and fail to see the obvious: that it is also affecting us, both directly and indirectly.
  The Sixth Great Extinction is here and it is us. Humanity has become like a cosmic disaster.
  Modern humans just don’t understand nature anymore, or cause and effect and simple logic for that matter. We fail in the most basic understanding of everything, really.
  Life on Earth is dying, and nothing, nothing is done to keep it from happening. We are not fixing this, or even trying, no matter how much the propaganda says we are. Yes, we do indeed commit collective suicide.

  The World Grinder

Excavators are one major destroyer's tool

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