Monday, October 13, 2014


  Many authors and certainly I feel strange when people ask us which one of our books we recommend. All the books are labors of love and it is always difficult to choose one above another. At least I would say that I always put something precious of myself in each and every story I write. There is a very good reason to choose The Defenseless, for instance. I labored for thirty-seven years before I published that one. TheJanus Clan series is my life-long project. Your Own Fate is my shortest novel, but I’m still immensely proud over how it turned out. With Afterglow Dust and Alarums of Reality I proved to myself that I would and could keep writing completely different stories from those I had previously written, keep changing themes and content and even form easily, doing so like the most natural thing in the world, embracing variety and its intrinsic value.
  So when people I know fairly well ask, I ponder their opinions and which of the books they will enjoy the most, and it’s usually different every time.
  But if I should choose one, it would have to be Dreams Belong to the Night. It will always be the one I’m most proud of, for many reasons. I wrote it and my second choice ShadowWalk in a very turbulent time in my life, with great swings of both joy and despair. It was also during this time I felt I was becoming an author, truly becoming one and that I was no longer someone just trying to write books. I took a step (leap) or ten forward during those five years, in so many ways.
  All my books and art… they are me, the characters in the first ten (chronologically speaking) both an idealistic and demonic version of myself, but this is so twice or thrice over. I always felt, from I was very young that any storyteller needs to live a life at least as dramatic and exciting as the characters he or she writes about. In London, in the summer of 1988 I started doing that. In some ways The Defenseless is about the time before that, its first draft written while I was still an insecure and troubled teenager. Dreams and SW are written during and after my most radical awakening, a time where I mostly enjoyed myself beyond words, during one of the happiest times of my life.

  And it shows, many times over! My pride is over both content and form. It is such an accomplished whole that I still have a hard time containing my excitement and keeping my somewhat critical sense of proportions. Any writer/artist has a hard time properly judging his own work, I know that. My enthusiasm persists.

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