Thursday, October 16, 2014

Prevailing inequality

  My contribution to Blog Action Day 2014:

  Inequality dominates all over the world, on all levels. Poverty is widespread, more common than not, and the situation has gone and is going from bad to worse all the time.
  Poor people in all countries are worse off in case of health and just about anything. The wealthy and powerful use the position their money and power grant them to tightening the noose, the collar around people’s neck even more.
  The charity organizations can’t and won’t fix that. On the contrary, they and their presence serve to segment the situation rather than solving it.
  What is needed, what is mandatory is to change society in fundamental ways, to truly change the world, until there is no major difference in income and fortune anymore. Capitalism must go. It has always and will always serve those in charge. Those in charge and their many eager servants work hard with their propaganda in order to fool people and keep them distracted from the real issues. Established media is one of their most powerful tools. Sports, nationalism, religion and keeping people from truly independent thinking and action are others.

  The difference in salary or the money/funds people may use in a given year shouldn't be unequal at all, or at least not be more or less than ten percent of average. The day that happens we will be very close to a world where true freedom and justice reign.

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