Sunday, October 26, 2014

Carbon copies

  You are clearly siding with the powerful if you think it matters who the winner is among established political parties. There are a few minor differences, but no truly significant difference that will lead to anything even resembling true justice and equality. If you looked beyond the propaganda and the deception you would easily see that. Wearing a blindfold will never make you see the obvious.
  As a general rule there is only one party in each democracy, and it’s centrist, mainstream establishment. Democratic elections will always, all things being equal, even during near «perfect» conditions slide towards centrism, towards the least unpopular decisions in a given population. If a new, different party should appear, it will quickly join the one already there.
  Nothing significant will change.
  And that’s before money and power comes in. With those things added a centrist/conservative government is all but assured. The tiny trickle of change happening is for the worse.
  Radicals in United States and United Kingdom and elsewhere, for unfathomable reasons look to Scandinavia because we have «proportional representation» and actually push that as a solution or part of a solution. Please, stop with such dangerous and mindless bullshit. Take it from me, guys. I live here, and it’s no different, just yet another sham.
  Yes, as amazing as that seems to me and other people living here, most people elsewhere see Scandinavia as a kind of paradise, but that view is totally false. It’s pretty much like everywhere else, really. We shake our head when professed radicals elsewhere want to emulate its system of government and «welfare».
  It’s the haves and the have nots here as well. If you have money and a somewhat secure job you’re set, if not you go hungry, and your prospects are dim.
  Please, guys, stop whipping that particular dead horse at least. You should be far more ambitious on behalf of yourself and humanity.
  Politicians are more or less carbon copies of each other. They are dressed the same, speak and behave the same way and vote the same, everyone from the established parties or the parties about to become established serving the same mindset and set of people: those at the top of the pyramid.
  Yes, elections are a sham, not only by the fact that there are no true alternatives to vote for, but that they are held at all.
  Participating in them is fitting your own blindfold, is willful ignorance and irrationality.
  It’s time, time to move beyond pleasantries and the illusion that the tyrants of the world will be nice to us if we are nice to them.
  Petitioning those served by the oppressive system doesn't work. You don’t beg a tyrant for favors. True freedom can’t be given, but must be taken.

  You might decide you want to vote, anyway, even as a stopgap measure, in a vain effort to keep conservative forces from gaining even more power. I get that, I do, but if you do that you will actually aid those same forces, will «accomplish» exactly what you were attempting to prevent. Choosing between two evils or even worse; the same two-headed, many-headed evil, pretending there is true choice is not the way to do it.
  Democracy is the slickest tyranny ever, because it gives people the illusion of influence.
  You shouldn't sit back and do nothing, though. On the contrary, you should do far more than what you’re currently doing.

  The thing to do is to reject the current society as much as you possibly can, and constantly attempt to form truly autonomous and more or less self-sufficient communities where everyone has an equal voice and work from there to reach out to other autonomous communities, and slowly make a new and truly different world, fighting with every possible means at your disposal against the old. To play the game of power doesn't work. If you use the language of the oppressors, especially doing so without critical thought, you've lost the struggle before it has even begun. We see that, time and time again. It’s time for a radically different approach.
  The reasons for the human-created Climate Change, various forms of equally dangerous pollution on all levels, social and economic misery and vast inequality and oppression, all of it show us or should show us beyond doubt that today’s and yesterday’s methods just don’t work, not if we want to create a world where we want to live, not merely exist.
  Those in charge, with the aid of their many eager servants wage a war against humanity and all life on Earth. They - and all the rest of us in concert destroy piece by piece of nature, of everything we need in order to survive.
  Those eager servants object to being called «sheep» or «mindless puppets». What do you call people that are willingly and eagerly fooled time and time again? Is calling them mindless puppets fair or not?
  There are very few good things left in human existence. The local, national and global community has gone and is going from bad to worse. The strong and very visible warning signals have been virtually ignored and are being ignored. It’s like every single dystopian novel ever written or movie ever made (and then some) has come and is coming true.

  Leave it behind, do so in both your mind and your actions.

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