Sunday, September 21, 2014


  Walking is in itself a special, underestimated pleasure.
  It can be and very often is a walkabout, a spiritual and material search, an exploration of the corporal and the mind.
  I have walked all over the planet, in and around my local forest, in London, the Norwegian mountains, the moors of Cornwall, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, Caracas, Sao Paolo, Tierra del Fuego, The Amazon Jungle, Africa’s mountains and jungle and desert, Hong Kong, the infested streets of Kolkata (Calcutta), the city of the dead in Cairo, even the Mojave Desert at night.
  To name a few places.
  I may sit in front of the computer. Writing, creating is slow. Then, being fed up with inactivity I don my worn shoes and step outside, into the night. After just a few steps or at least a few minutes of walking my mind is filled with clarity and inspiration. It is operating at a higher level of consciousness, just like when I’m traveling or celebrating a Witchnight or taking off into the deep forest or similar elevated states of being.
  Evolution has, both physically and mentally made us to move, really, not to sit on our ass, not to sit ourselves sick.

  It’s pretty clear to me what our natural state of being is and should be.

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