Monday, September 15, 2014


  I took a stand on writing/art and publishing politics early. It was inevitable, given my radical stand on everything. My position has only strengthened itself since I started up my truly independent publishing company.
  Establishment publishers have lots and lots of reasons to be defensive: their active, repugnant censorship, their ongoing centrism, their ruination of both potentially good stories and authors. And not the least: Their hateful attacks on truly independent authors, those that don’t want to submit to their authority and be a part of their system of propaganda and oppression.
  Avoid them, at all cost.
  There are, unbelievably so still written articles about how authors should handle rejection by these entities of conformity, and authors buying the hype.
  Don’t! Self publish instead. There is just no reason to not do it anymore. Reject the voice of authority and oppression so prevalent in establishment publishing.
  Not that I care about such trifles at all, but self-publishers should have been and should be hailed as pioneers.

  But of course we won’t be, since the existing oppressive system sees us as a threat to their earnings and hegemony.

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