Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Law

  It feels so good every time I break the law, not necessary for some small or big financial gain, but because the law is fundamentally unjust and needs to be broken at every possible juncture in a continuous effort at undermining it and one day subvert it completely. Anyone using their minds to think with, even about the basics knows that the law is made by the rich and powerful, in order to benefit the rich and powerful, against those with little or nothing.
  Breaking the law on a regular basis becomes an exercise in rebellion, one of several necessary disciplines in order to think and act for yourself and to keep doing so.
  Today’s local, national and global society is basically founded on the unending inverted Robin Hood principle: the rich is stealing from the poor, doing whatever it takes to keep that status quo of fundamental inequality.
  Values are so twisted, so fucked up today that nothing is right, nothing can be right, because society is created from scratch to be fundamentally unfair and that sordid state of affairs is perfected constantly by those in charge and their eager servants.
  Know that those in charge control all perceived means of controlling a given society. They keep us all in check by a synthesis of violence, threat of violence and propaganda, of constant brainwashing. Know beyond knowing that they will never give up their power if they are not forced to do so. Know that they can only rule as long as we allow it, and that such an intolerable state of affairs should not and can not be allowed to continue for much longer. Know that humanity is committing collective suicide under their guidance and through our unwillingness and inability to stop them, to cry enough.

  It should have ended many yesterdays ago.

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