Monday, August 04, 2014

It’s accomplished

  We finished principal photography of my film Coughing in late July.
  The entire film was done with a skeleton crew. It was deliberately written as a zero budget story from the start and was further simplified during a rewriting of the script when one of the actors didn't show, and his part was removed.
  The only expense was a baguette procured at the nearest fast food kitchen for the equivalent of $4.
  We shot 22.5 GB of footage in two days for a movie that will be approximately four minutes long, using a Canon 5D mark 3 camera without extensions or enhancements, and a Zoom H6 portable sound recorder. This is everything needed to make a film with quality equipment, really. It is something one person can carry with him or her all over the world. Add a laptop computer with the necessary software and hardware and you’re set.
  I consider this my «film school exam», my tryout, the first hesitant, passionate result of twenty months of theoretical self studies adding to the knowledge already there.
  And now for the editing, the cutting and connecting of footage, the latter half of the process already begun in my head long before the principal photography started.
  I did, as I set out to do, do everything filmmaking, from the writing of the script, from start to finish. I despaired briefly over that fact on the set, while the task of multitasking felt too much for me, before I once more embraced my philosophy of enjoying the process and experience of life in both small and big moments.
  This is a moment I have moved towards since I used a super 8 camera as a teenager, and started writing scripts almost twenty years ago and knew I would procure the Canon 5D mark 3 or similar sometime in the future when the mark 2 was released in 2008.

  I plan and carry out my short term and long term plans in unending strings of night and fire, of ideas and implementation, and, in spite of the occasional hassle and grief, enjoy it all so very much.

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