Monday, August 18, 2014

Eager servant

  It doesn't take much of an effort in order to see through the bullshit of establishment propaganda, but still very few manage to do so. They mindlessly keep squeaking it, repeating it like parrots, like tape recorders, echoing it automatically when truly radical people offer much needed criticism.
  There is no valid excuse for being so gullible, really.

  If you
                are against immigration,
                are a nationalist/patriot,
                think the police and military forces are necessary,
                think your country has any true enemies to speak of,
                think mountain tribes in distant lands are a threat to us,
                think rich people are okay,
                think religion is a good thing,
                think the law is there for your benefit,
                think surveillance is in any way acceptable,
                have any loyalty to the country of your birth,
                favor the market instead of people,
                believe the current world is in any way right,

you eagerly serve those in charge.

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