Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Law

  It feels so good every time I break the law, not necessary for some small or big financial gain, but because the law is fundamentally unjust and needs to be broken at every possible juncture in a continuous effort at undermining it and one day subvert it completely. Anyone using their minds to think with, even about the basics knows that the law is made by the rich and powerful, in order to benefit the rich and powerful, against those with little or nothing.
  Breaking the law on a regular basis becomes an exercise in rebellion, one of several necessary disciplines in order to think and act for yourself and to keep doing so.
  Today’s local, national and global society is basically founded on the unending inverted Robin Hood principle: the rich is stealing from the poor, doing whatever it takes to keep that status quo of fundamental inequality.
  Values are so twisted, so fucked up today that nothing is right, nothing can be right, because society is created from scratch to be fundamentally unfair and that sordid state of affairs is perfected constantly by those in charge and their eager servants.
  Know that those in charge control all perceived means of controlling a given society. They keep us all in check by a synthesis of violence, threat of violence and propaganda, of constant brainwashing. Know beyond knowing that they will never give up their power if they are not forced to do so. Know that they can only rule as long as we allow it, and that such an intolerable state of affairs should not and can not be allowed to continue for much longer. Know that humanity is committing collective suicide under their guidance and through our unwillingness and inability to stop them, to cry enough.

  It should have ended many yesterdays ago.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Eager servant

  It doesn't take much of an effort in order to see through the bullshit of establishment propaganda, but still very few manage to do so. They mindlessly keep squeaking it, repeating it like parrots, like tape recorders, echoing it automatically when truly radical people offer much needed criticism.
  There is no valid excuse for being so gullible, really.

  If you
                are against immigration,
                are a nationalist/patriot,
                think the police and military forces are necessary,
                think your country has any true enemies to speak of,
                think mountain tribes in distant lands are a threat to us,
                think rich people are okay,
                think religion is a good thing,
                think the law is there for your benefit,
                think surveillance is in any way acceptable,
                have any loyalty to the country of your birth,
                favor the market instead of people,
                believe the current world is in any way right,

you eagerly serve those in charge.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Racists = people against immigration = the vilest of the vile

  People against immigration are mostly racists. They oppose immigration by other races or cultures, but find no fault with immigrants of «their own kind». People against immigration in Northern and Western Europe, for instance are not against immigration of white Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, Germans and Brits, while rampant racism paints Arabs and black people in the worst possible light in an effort to keep them out. There is no rational reason for this hatred, but it is still there, blowing like an ill wind in a given country, ruining it from the inside.
  There are a few anti-immigrant people that are against all immigration. They are nationalists and not much better…
  Should we treat racists, people against immigration with respect, treat them as if they matter? My answer is a resounding no. If there is one single type of people that doesn’t deserve any consideration it is this. They should leave, not those they viciously attack.
  If you think it matters, in any way if your ancestors have lived in a given country for many generations you couldn't be more wrong. The important is what contribution you make, and a top asshole like you contributes only a beyond unpleasant stench.

  Immigration and the subsequent influx of new, different cultures are a great benefit to a given place or country. Long live multiculturalism!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014


  I grew a beard for the first time in years recently. There are two main reasons for this.
  The first, the one initially prompting me to do it was my role as The Vagrant in my film Coughing. I kind of recreated myself for the part. The Vagrant is and will be a kind of reoccurring, usually minor character in some of my films and stories, one I can easily play without it interfering too much with my other tasks on the set. One guy laughed when I told him about it, asking if that was how I saw myself. I looked puzzled at him. He didn't seem to get that it was only a part.

  The other reason, and why I kept it a while after the filming was done is that I am currently fucking (and dating) a girl in her early twenties. Instead of attempting to hide the age difference, I decided to call attention to it. My beard has turned white where it used to be red, and even though the rest of it and my hair remain mostly black growing a beard clearly makes me look older.
  I've always spat at social conventions and I have every intention of keep doing that.

  My bright and aware, and beyond average intelligent and interesting young fucktoy is surprised I can set the table in a civilized way, with wine and cutlery and candles. She sees me pretty much as a savage. She likes savages. But she likes dinners with red wine and candles as well.
  Dining can be such a great experience. I often enjoy that, like I enjoyed the filming, and don’t really worry about what might go wrong. Many people today, it seems lack the ability to enjoy the process and very experience of life, of life itself, and thereby miss the opportunity to savor its minor moments as well.
  Big moments are enjoyed with a burning passion filling you up, but it’s just as important to make the small moments count, to approach them with enthusiasm and a devil-may-care attitude.

  Those not busy being born are busy dying.

Monday, August 04, 2014

It’s accomplished

  We finished principal photography of my film Coughing in late July.
  The entire film was done with a skeleton crew. It was deliberately written as a zero budget story from the start and was further simplified during a rewriting of the script when one of the actors didn't show, and his part was removed.
  The only expense was a baguette procured at the nearest fast food kitchen for the equivalent of $4.
  We shot 22.5 GB of footage in two days for a movie that will be approximately four minutes long, using a Canon 5D mark 3 camera without extensions or enhancements, and a Zoom H6 portable sound recorder. This is everything needed to make a film with quality equipment, really. It is something one person can carry with him or her all over the world. Add a laptop computer with the necessary software and hardware and you’re set.
  I consider this my «film school exam», my tryout, the first hesitant, passionate result of twenty months of theoretical self studies adding to the knowledge already there.
  And now for the editing, the cutting and connecting of footage, the latter half of the process already begun in my head long before the principal photography started.
  I did, as I set out to do, do everything filmmaking, from the writing of the script, from start to finish. I despaired briefly over that fact on the set, while the task of multitasking felt too much for me, before I once more embraced my philosophy of enjoying the process and experience of life in both small and big moments.
  This is a moment I have moved towards since I used a super 8 camera as a teenager, and started writing scripts almost twenty years ago and knew I would procure the Canon 5D mark 3 or similar sometime in the future when the mark 2 was released in 2008.

  I plan and carry out my short term and long term plans in unending strings of night and fire, of ideas and implementation, and, in spite of the occasional hassle and grief, enjoy it all so very much.