Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fed up

  There was a protest against the Gaza bombing and against israel in general at the Blue Rock in Bergen today. Several hundred people attended, which is fairly good for Bergen, a surprisingly high number.
  Tempers ran high, really. I’ve been to quite a few of these protests, and you could see how many of those present were angry and downright disturbed by the escalation they have witnessed lately. There were more angry words, more shaking voices.
  I see that as a very good thing. Gaza, and Palestine in general need more than mere sympathy. They need action beyond the call of duty.
  What we have seen this week has been totally beyond reason, and when I say that I also include the total lack of condemnation from western governments. Both israel’s acts and the support their acts receive from western governments and establishment are totally unacceptable.
  Israel is the aggressor, one of the worst we have ever seen, and Palestine is the oppressed and maimed and killed and tortured and everything, desperately defending itself from colonization, occupation and genocide.
The sign says: "Charge israel with war crimes at the International Criminal Court

  The still dominant narrative spouted by israel and friends must be challenged head on and broken. Israel must be ostracized in the world community, and not know any peace before they start making up for all their horrible acts, and show by unequivocal acts that they will never repeat them.

  Texts and drawings like these were made all over the central parts of town.

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