Saturday, June 21, 2014

Overkill in writing (I)

  An excellent illustration in that regard is a recent issue of the DC comics Forever Evil (a rather bad attempt at storytelling altogether) and Justice League.
  When Lex Luthor in Forever Evil #7 is looking at newspaper clippings and files concerning Dick Grayson, Nightwing and former Robin, and the obvious connection to Batman, showing his thoughts on the matter is completely redundant. At the very least him muttering to himself that «Bruce Wayne is Batman».
  The final page in Justice League #30 is and would have been more than sufficient, and a far greater payoff. Everybody even remotely familiar with the mythos would have gotten it and most others as well. There was no need to state anything outright. Haven’t they (Geoff Johns and DC) heard about subtlety?
  This is a common mistake in mainstream writing, in comics, books and films. They presume people can’t think and analyze, and solve the simplest of riddles and clues.
  They resort to bad writing because they fear people won’t understand their transparent plot.

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