Sunday, June 22, 2014


  What does greed do? It’s a pretty simple question with a pretty simple answer.
  It destroys everything it touches and also spread far and wide beyond its immediate circle of causality, a corrupting influence everywhere it’s felt.
  Let’s exemplify it in an easy to approach way, following one trail of thousands all showing the same results.
  Cheap coal and oil are discovered in major quantities about hundred-and-fifty years ago and preferred as the energy source of choice, even though there were and are several other far superior alternatives.
  Today, we all know beyond doubt its beyond devastating effects, and long before the effects of the human created climate change became public knowledge, the other, «smaller» bad effects, like air pollution and its effects on organisms, were well known.
  Incidentally, the making of plastic has also turned out to be a tragedy of immense proportions.
  The use of carbon-based energy sources has been a disaster from day one. It’s quite evident that the worst alternative was chosen at every turn.
  Now, the ice in polar regions are melting, melting away, making those regions far more accessible to human exploration and use.
  And Big Oil and its numerous supporters will drill for oil there.
  I could have pondered the issue for thousands of years and been unable to come up with a better illustration for what greed does.

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