Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Author's Word - Afterglow Dust

  This is the thirteenth novel I have completed and the tenth I have published. I began its story back in 2004, at least with the world building and first chapter and layout.
  As usual I set out to write something completely different from what I had previously written and it clearly is. This is something more different from my other novels than even Alarums of Reality was.
  The setting is totally unlike anything I've done before, the feel and the narrative as well. I keep doing this, keep fulfilling the promise I made to myself as a young, nebulous writer.
  I wrote sixteen chapters at first, but realized that an entire chapter, a big chunk of the story was missing. I also added significant pieces of the story to all the other chapters, making it longer and better explained. This is one advantage of publishing a novel about a year after you have initially completed it. You get to study it better, get several chances at improving it.
  The reader won’t know what is going on at first or even after a while. He or she or it will get an idea or a glimpse of an idea, but there will never be a roll of text explaining my stories in thirty seconds. They will have to experience the story in depth for that.
  Sixteen chapters became seventeen and will in time approach two-hundred or more, presenting the story of The Nine from start to finish.
  This is a Sword and Sorcery, Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror real-life story…

  Sometime in 2004 – 2013-05-13 and 2013-12-25
  Printed version complete 2014-05-13

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