Saturday, May 17, 2014

May 17, 2014

  It is the Norwegian constitution day today and the 200 anniversary for its inception.
  I can’t stand celebrations of nationalism, and have stayed away from it since childhood.
  This year is certainly no different. To me it isn't truly important at all, but merely more of the same hypocrisy and deception so prevalent in an oppressive world.
  The document written in 1814 and similar documents, in France and United States a few decades before that, isn't totally without value. They did state some thoughts on equality not very frequently stated at the time. But they are mostly overrated and filled with hypocrisy, at best, and the best parts have later mostly been quoted at party speeches and aside from that been pretty much ignored.
  The US declaration of independence allowed slavery. It didn't stop the invading Europeans there from instigating the worst genocide in history. The Norwegian document banned Jews from Norway for a long time. Racism kept and keeps rearing its ugly head. And there hasn’t been anything even approaching true equality in countries accepting those so called principles.
  Is it progress when words put on paper are basically ignored or when those words are mostly overrated and making a mockery of what they are supposed to defend and promote?
  People have told me that countries with a constitution, like Norway and United States and France are better off than those without it, like United Kingdom, that it is easier to introduce oppressive laws in the UK because of that, but such views are obviously erroneous. Countries with and without are pretty much equal in the oppression department, like we have seen demonstrated time and time again, also the last fifteen years. It’s just more wishful thinking and abject failure to acknowledge reality, that’s all.
  Rights are not granted by law, but by nature, and were present in human life thousands of years before 1814 or 1789 or 1776 and such. Laws are made by the rich and powerful, in order to benefit the rich and powerful against those who have little or nothing. Human freedom was lost with the introduction of the first wall and lost even more with the first fence. If people stopped hailing nationalism as a great and necessary force in human life, and began discarding hypocrisy and pompous speech for the dangerous bullshit it is, the world would inevitably be a far better place to live, and we need that, need it very much.

  The Norway that has existed both before and after 1814 and since my birth and adolescence, and still exists on this day, makes me want to vomit all stomach content until there is nothing but bile left.

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