Monday, May 26, 2014

A small selection of recent and upcoming thoughts and events

  And more things to do 2014-05-20 and onward:

  Five films.
  The great multimedia possibilities of Adobe Creative Cloud and other software following the digital revolution.
  Podcast Amos Keppler solo and with others.

  The five short films with a complete script so far:

  3 minutes +
  Confessions of a Midnight Cannibal
  One day in the life of John Smith

  I enjoy photographing statues from behind. That way you can’t see their names.

  I wasn't very excited (sarcasm) about the 200 anniversary of Norway’s constitution. After listening to small selections of the crap and speeches in the park I get even more pissed.

  Sarcasm is pretty straightforward. Irony is more quirky.

  After a year in a work training program they concluded that I was «unfit for ordinary work». I agree with that assessment.

  A friend of mine disagrees with that. He feels strongly that I would be an asset to any given employer seeking aware and thinking people. I agree with that as well.

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