Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Not impressed - a non-acknowledgement

  I can’t say that I have never received aid during my forty years as an author. There are those that have helped and supported me, and I have already thanked them many times and will always be grateful to them.
  But I find myself shaking my head when a given writer in their «acknowledgment» give thanks to their editors and agents and people from their publishers, all representatives for the established club making almost all books they release less interesting than a rock.
  Everything I've done, I've done myself, with very little help and support, and I’m confident that the result is far better than most mainstream publications.
  Though that in itself isn't that impressive in my eyes, really.
  I’m not impressed, no matter what mainstream stuff you present to me. I reject most of what is perceived as accepted truth, artistically, politically, scientifically and philosophically.
  Take virtually any «accomplishment» within the context of today’s oppressive society, and I treat it with the scorn it deserves.
  Discard accepted truths and your eyes will open to new and startling facts and experiences.

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