Saturday, April 05, 2014

Doubt disintegrated and gone

  "Antarctica and Greenland, the world's largest ice sheets, make up the vast majority of the Earth's ice. If these ice sheets melted entirely, sea level would rise by more than 70 meters".

Northern Europe with 100 meters sea rise

  Global average temperature has increased every decade since the fifties.
  The small doubt that was present concerning the validity of the human enhanced Global Warming, the human created Climate Change just isn't there anymore. If not for Big Oil and the billions they spent and spend on creating said doubt through several well paid researchers and facilities, it would have been gone from public consciousness long ago.
  Not only that, but the acceptance of the threat as rapidly increasing and practically imminent is breaking through, also in moderate and cautious surroundings like the IPCC. Very few, except the most power-loyal scientists, speak about the thousand-year or even the hundred-year scenario anymore. More and more reports are breaking through what was the impasse of denial and speak now about 2040 or even 2030 as the year when the shit really will hit the fan, not the end of the century. Hardly other than established media do that anymore. Scientists have finally started to speak candidly about their findings and are no longer afraid of being deemed «alarmists».
  The melting of the ice, the increase of stronger and more frequent storms is rapid and its threat is now, not in some far-fetched future.
  Then there is the early scenario caused by the rapid temperature rise, what will predate the later, truly major disasters.
  The WAIS (West Antarctic Ice Sheet) will break off from the mainland soon. Part of what has kept it in place is gone. Of the three Larsen ice shelves, A, B and C, A and B are gone. C is expected to go almost any day now. WAIS will follow very soon after that. That alone will make the sea rise about seven meters all over the world, and it will happen «over night», in just a few weeks tops. Eighty-four percent of the human population lives by the coast. Very few will manage to survive such an event, but it will still be the most massive migration in human history.
  I and others predicted in 2007 that the Arctic ice shelf would be gone during summer in 2013. We were not far off. It will be gone this year or next year or there will not be much left. This will not make the sea rise directly, but indirectly, because the sea is darker than the ice and will absorb more heat from sunshine it will make the sea warmer.
  The ice on Greenland is also melting fast, turning brittle, fading away quickly. That will result in seven meters more rise in sea levels.
  As «eternal» frozen ground melts, insane levels of methane are released from its confines, making the situation even more volatile.
  The temperature rise of two degrees is already in the system. Four degrees seem far more likely. If we reach six, there is a high likelihood that there will be a runaway greenhouse effect that will at least double average global temperature to twelve degrees Celsius.
  The melting of all ice on Earth will result in a rise in sea level of between seventy (lowest estimate) and three hundred (highest estimate) meters.
  Western politicians and lead scientists, in a desperate attempt to keep the population docile claim that people in the north won’t feel the effects as much as those in the tropics, a statement which is just more bullshit, deception and lies, of course. An average global rise of only two degrees will lead to twelve in the polar regions. It’s actually there the effects will be the worst.
  In thirty years or less the process of acidification brought on by the warming will kill off all vertebrates in the ocean, collapsing its ecosystem completely, and thereby cause the ecosystem on land to collapse as well.
  There you have it, guys. We've got thirty years or so… if we are lucky. For those in charge to do something? Not bloody likely. To prepare for personal survival? Definitely!

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