Wednesday, April 16, 2014


  It felt so good to cause an upheaval among my Twitter followers recently. There’s been way too long since the last time I did that.
  We are told to be so cautious in this civilization of ours, to put our emotions in boxes and compartmentalized spaces. When a person confesses to feel hatred and «negative» emotions it is supposed to be something wrong with that someone. Expressing powerful emotions is virtually considered an aggressive act in our times. In my opinion we, human beings express powerful emotions too rarely.
  I deliberately gave points to my enemies some time ago, expressing my hatred for those supporting Israel, for those with rivers of blood on their hands. Israel, in their Hasbara, their propaganda is very good at using that word, using it as a way of turning the table at its detractors. But I have never let such shit stop me from expressing my opinions. I do hate supporters of Israel, with a vengeance. It is well deserved, is beyond justified.
  Usually I don’t use that word either, I’m afraid. I use words like «contempt» and «disgust», devaluing humanity and every horrible act all the time. But not that long ago, after too much coffee, perhaps, I cracked and became even more blunt than usual. Anyway, as always, I stand by my words, gladly.
  As stated we are taught to be wary of strong emotions and certainly of publicly expressing them. It has been a long time since I cared about keeping my emotions compartmentalized. That ending brought the start of my ongoing and unending liberation.
  There are others also deserving of my hatred, like big polluters and their eager supporters, but Israel, by its very existence is such a visible insanity, such an affront to our very humanity that it pushes all my buttons. That there are other such entities and events as well doesn't keep that from being true. One injustice doesn't justify another.
  The situation in Palestine is black and white. Israel is the aggressor, the tyrant and has been all the time and Palestine is its victim. The two sides can’t in any way compete when it comes to cruelty. Zionism is institutionalized racism, hatred beyond reason. The Zionists demonstrate that constantly, every second of the day to an ever more disgusted global Jewish community and the world at large. Invaded and occupied Palestine has the right and duty to do anything to defend itself against such ongoing horrors.
  We hate too little, for the right reasons these wretched days and too much for the wrong. The wrong is racism, hatred for what is different, for the Foreigner. We should hate inhuman acts and people acting inhuman and fairly often give voice to our hatred.
  And in the final analysis be cautious, after all to not let our strong passions consume us. We will fight those destroying other people. We won’t become them.

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