Sunday, February 02, 2014

Say no

  I’m not proud of being born and bred Norwegian. There is no reason to be, really, no reason to be proud of being born in any given country. There is, on the contrary countless reasons to be totally pissed off at your particular country. The entire phrase «my country right or wrong» is abhorrent to me.
  Added to that is the fact that nationalism is one of the very worst inherently wrong ideas humanity has ever come up with, and that says a lot. The other main fuckup is religion. There is not really much need to say more about this (even though it should be repeated and expanded upon at any opportunity and I do that). Six thousand years of unending warfare, of intolerance and ignorance says it all. Humanity would be far better off, perhaps even great if not for those two insane pursuits.
  You should betray your country. Do so at every possible opportunity, in big and small ways, and you do yourself and humanity and all life on Earth a giant service.

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