Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mall of death and death of freedom

  When you step into a shopping mall, any given shopping mall, and this is the same all over the world, you enter what is basically a blown up piece of real estate, «private property», a place where you leave yourself at the mercy of its owners and henchmen, where you’re even more at risk of being victimized by the forces of law and order than on the outside.
  Representatives of private «security firms» may at any time, with or without a reason, with any given pretext decide to mess with you, and you can do little or nothing to fight against it or even protest properly.
  You may have an issue with a store and/or its employees/owners treating you badly, and if that happens they have the sole power to call «security» on you, not the other way around. What’s worse, those security goons have an excellent working relation with the local police, and can and will call upon them to hassle you further, and even become violent. Whether or not you are in the right or have a major legitimate grievance is not relevant at all.
  A growing number of smaller businesses, like bars and similar, also employs security. It doesn't matter that such people have a long and sordid proven history of dishing out excessive violence. They are still allowed and even encouraged to keep it up.
  Ordinary police forces are bad enough, but rent-a-cops are clearly even worse. The difference between them has never been that big, anyway, and getting increasingly smaller. Enterprise has always been the true employers of the police, and not the public, the way the propaganda claims.

  All this is certainly one of many reasons why I have always been and why I become increasingly critical towards enterprise, business in itself. Today’s inhuman society puts monetary value on everything, including human beings and all living things, and little or no true value beyond that, and we see the result everywhere.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

One car

  Just the production of one single car causes untold and unacceptable harm and destruction of nature and life on Earth. You need a production facility for the car, a way to assemble its parts. Then, many of those parts need an entire poisonous factory each. It needs roads to drive on, and in order to make those roads, you need even more factories and production facilities. It’s fucking insane! And that’s just one car.
  There are many millions. Over 600 BILLIONS have been made in total.
  It should be or should have been self-evident to everybody that the very existence of cars on Earth is contributing in major ways to what is humanity’s collective suicide, our tailspin suicide run.
  The car, when you think it through is a walking suicide.
  We see an unprecedented destruction of nature and all life today. Humanity has become the Sixth (seventh) Great Extinction Event, become (like) a cosmic disaster.

  We, humanity as a whole must admit that we need to get rid of far more insanity than merely The Car. It is, after all only one on a horrendously long list of various types of destructive toys we make. We must change our lives and the way we see the world completely and utterly, and must do so many yesterdays ago.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Unmaking tyranny

  Today’s local, national and global society encourages all our bad traits, rewards oppression and censorship.
  I've written before (many times) about the need for disregarding established human institutions. This is a step further in this regard.
  There is one simple and fundamental truth: A system cannot be reformed or changed, only destroyed. Any attempt to change it from within will fail and it will reset itself according to its long-time design.
  Experience and basic history tells us that this is a more than correct assessment also when it comes to human society.
  So, the self-evident truth is that we can’t base our struggle for justice and freedom and a truly sustainable environment on what has never worked.
  It isn't about ignoring established public and private institutions, but about bypassing them, work to lessen their impact and dominance, until they eventually dissolve into nothing.
  Make no mistake, though, they will not go down quietly. They will do anything, and I do mean anything in order to hold on to their position. True freedom can never be given, but must be taken.
  The first step is to stop heeding cops, courts and so called elected institutions, ignoring them, bypassing them as much as possible, reject and disregard both private and public government. This takes a bit of preparation, but surprisingly little. Your mental attitude is the most important part. Those in charge have physical power at their disposal, and that shouldn't be underestimated, but what they more than anything have going for them is the power over our minds. Stephen Biko said that the most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed, and that is so very, very true. Move beyond that and you have taken a major step towards true freedom.
  The second is to continue formulating and forming alternatives, truly autonomous communities and develop them further. As stated, there are quite a few of them in play already. There are urban green anarchist and survival groups, methods to survive even in civilization without submitting to the tyranny of civilization. You can make your home in the forest and the wilderness. Hunting/gathering is still possible today, one or the other or both. Farming without joining the system is still an option. Your own, expanded private garden can easily be enough to survive on, if done right, or you can join a group of anti-commercial urban gardeners exchanging food and drink and drawing on each other’s experience.
  All in all, there are countless ways to be truly independent, both mentally and physically. If you don’t know how, you can easily gather sufficient information in order to start out. With today’s easily available information it will take a couple of weeks, tops, to gather the actual knowledge, at least the basics. Understanding and putting it to work will probably take longer. You will most likely struggle a bit at first, but if you keep struggling, fighting against the odds you will get there.
  Society as it is, the current system of massive oppression should be dismantled piece by piece. Those in charge can only retain their power with willing subjects to rule and to do their dirty work. Without servants the tyrants are helpless. They only have power over you as long as you allow it.
  The third and ongoing step is to keep doing whatever you’re doing, in this respect for the rest of your life, faced with both external and internal pressure. Make sure it’s an active and involving process able to take more than a few hits. The process, successful or not, will be its own reward.

  Living in the wild
  Carbon copies
  Prevailing inequality
  Further external resources:
  Urban farming
  Urban agriculture
  Sarah Pike - radical environmentalists
  Radical ecological democracy
  Living in the wild

  I found what I didn't know in just a few minutes. Granted, you have to wade through tons of commercial shit and status quo projects to get to the good, reliable stuff, but at least this should be a comprehensive starting point for anyone interested.
  Not all the links may be useful for you or even for me, depending on the situation in which we find ourselves. Asking the right questions and use the right search words can be a problem. I focus on what is truly independent and different, and not more of the same, more a part of existing society.

  I will continue to update myself on this, like I have for fifteen years, unmaking tyranny, making life and fire.
  I would also appreciate/consider any addition you can give me to this list.

Monday, December 01, 2014


  Earlier today I and a friend headed for a part of the forest I hadn't visited for a while. I had expectation in my eyes, and looked forward to photograph a lush, shadowy slice of the wilderness.
  The sight that confronted us always make despair fill me. All the trees there had been cut down and removed. The place had been totally transformed into a horrible, twisted facsimile of what it had been. It isn't very big, about hundred square meters or so, but it was special. There was a small waterfall, a few rocks covered by moss and the growth, a downright magical place in a certain light and sunlight. Now, its ecological system had been ruined in just a few hours of vandalism.
  I have talked about this before, how people have no true appreciation for nature, for the wilderness, and don’t know what it is and how it works. My friend doesn't either. He didn't think it was such a big deal.
  - It’s prettier, now, he said, - without all that mess.
  He also thinks that a cleansed field on a farm or anywhere looks better than one filled with trees, with wild growth. His view is very typical in today’s society.
  People that don’t know better tell me that logging a forest is okay, that at least some of the companies doing it are replanting the area, which is yet another horrible ignorance. The new trees aren't even remotely the same trees that were cut down. The ecology of the area is ruined, and only the facsimile, the twisted, manmade copy remains.
  It isn't strange, isn't strange at all that humanity is destroying nature on the massive scale we see and have seen for so long. It’s merely a logical extension of what we are taught to appreciate, to prefer.
  The wilderness is only recreation, and hardly even that to modern humans.

  We are told repeatedly, directly and indirectly that civilization is good and nature is bad, and most of us firmly believe it. That’s all there is to it, really.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

23 nights

  From October 2 to 25 I didn't go anywhere, except into the wilderness not that far from my house, repeating a long-standing tradition of mine to occasionally isolate myself. I filled my fridge to the brim, making sure there is no need to forage in modern grocery stores for a long time. I don’t use any money and are, except through the Internet pretty much isolated from modern society. There are three main reasons for why I’m doing this: one is my need to save money, but I have done it when I have lots of money, too, because I want to experience nature without the distractions of a city life, and it’s very useful if I want to write more than I usually do, and connect even more to my deeper muse and nature.
  I started on another such sequence November 24, and I plan on staying on it the rest of the year. An added, beyond excellent bonus with this is that I will skip christmas shopping altogether, avoid all the insane consumer frenzy, the craziness of people buying tons of stuff they are fooled into believing they need to buy and also most of the giant christian hypocrisy.
  It’s peaceful and so inspiring to completely ignore any ticking of clocks, to be awake and sleep exactly when it suits me. I do everything at my pace and rhythm.
  As stated, I need the dynamic power of both social interaction and solitude to be inspired, but a month or so in solitude is fine. I spent eighteen months in virtual isolation once, where I just didn't have the money to take the bus to the nearest grocery store very often. That was too much, though I did an insane amount of writing during that time (500 000 words on the novels alone).

  Civilization is far away. I know it’s there, but I keep it at arm’s length and embrace the savage and the savage artist within even more than usual.

 In case you don't know: I write everything with christ in it with a small, tiny "c" and god with a small, tiny "g"...

  Update 2015-01-01: From November 24, to December 31, for thirty-seven nights I enjoyed yet another prolonged exile.

  Update 2015-02-21: From January 30, to February 19, I enjoyed my third prolonged exile this «winter».

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

About any given fairly good television series or film

  The story is okay, but it's not great, like it could and should be. It feels very much like they are doing it with their hands tied behind their back.
  And mind you, here we are talking about the top shelf currently available.
  Most movies or TV-series produced by mainstream media or production companies have more than a childish, immature taint ruining the story. They can be quite violent, but are still immature as hell.
  With a little funding and not that much either I or anyone with a strong desire to move beyond the mundane and censored storytelling dominating today could easily do better. We wouldn't even have to struggle that much.
  There are two forces in play here, two sides of the same coin, really. It’s capitalism/commercialism and that we are in truth living in a tyranny, a society where «unpleasant» thoughts and acts are generally avoided, censored and even persecuted, both because of general oppression and the dominant presence of religion.
  So, we mostly get flat, mainstream stories without much passion, variety and daring.
  When something today is called «good fun and innocent entertainment» or similar it usually isn't that at all, but on the contrary something very sinister, an inherent propaganda distracting us from what we should focus on.
  Why is the world filled with silly love songs, for instance? Those in charge want it that way.
  People are offended by anything these days, and that helps those in charge.

  I mostly get offended by people being offended.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Another painfully obvious wrong question - about anarchism

  «But has there ever been a working anarchist society anywhere», a given eager clueless and ignorant supporter of today’s oppressive society «asks».

  Implicit in the «question» is that that person doesn't believe there is or has been. It isn't truly a question at all. The person stating it isn't curious, doesn't want the answer, but is happy to continue in the mire of the total ignorance his or her life has become. It’s a «debate» technique on his or her part, a proven successful effort in order to to silence the anarchist or any other radical in question.
  This short, woefully incomplete and slanted list at Wikipedia should convince you how utterly ridiculous your stance is. Yes, yours…
  A giant set of brainwashing techniques is used on all people today by an oppressive society, resulting in a sort of automatic «thinking»/response making most people defend their oppressors and the world they have created and is creating.
  The current local, national and global human society is certainly not working, but has long since become a disaster in progress.
  Anarchism and in particular green anarchism or primitivism is the last prevailing ideology. There have been quite a few such truly great societies during human history. They have mostly folded due to external pressure, not internal. The societies in current Spain previous to its civil war are valid examples. The rest of the world did anything it possibly could in order to end those.
  But as with many great things: the original truly just communities were those of the pre-agriculture nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes, where there was basically no hierarchy, and certainly no strongman leader, like the modern deception/propaganda claims.
  «The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.» Steve Biko

  Reading the articles revealed by clicking on the links is essential for further understanding.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Surveillance and those supporting it

  It doesn't matter whether or not surveillance on the bus, on the streets or anywhere «works», since the «cure», if anyone should happen to think there is a need for one is far worse than the «disease».
  One can always find a «good» argument in order to justify any oppression. It is so very important, even crucial to liberate oneself from the automatic thinking/response the oppressors have taught us. If one is in favor of surveillance, for instance one supports the oppressors, it is that simple.
  Surveillance, like many other things in today’s society isn't there «for our protection», as they claim, but for theirs.

  Only easily fooled and order-oriented people accept surveillance.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Everything now

  I have not liked and even occasionally downright disliked most of Christopher Nolan’s previous films. Inception and the Dark Knight trilogy were just plain awful.
  Interstellar, however, is clearly his best, by far and quite the engaging and also original movie. It isn't like I was jumping in joy when it ended, but I did enjoy it, and I was eventually also engaged in the story.
  Also due to the fact that I've taught myself complex storytelling and that I, in several of my novels also use the quirks of time as an important part, I realized not long after the issue was introduced that he was the ghost speaking to his daughter and to himself and that the he would eventually end up in the black hole mentioned fairly early in the movie. But me, a seasoned author guessing the plot doesn't make it predictable.
  There are weak, very weak points, among them early scenes with Matthew McConaughey with his daughter in the story, and Anne Hathaway and McConaughey together where it seems like they can’t act, which is clearly erroneous, and Nolan clearly must be blamed for and as if all the faults with his previous films are and will be repeated. It improves eventually though, and the last half hour after the near destruction of the space ship is a pleasure to experience.
  I like it. The pretty, shallow visuals from Inception are almost completely gone. This is something as rare as a gritty science fiction movie. The human factor dominates the story, doing so almost too much. The originality and the scope of it all, its epic feel makes it a far cry from the current typical empty-headed Hollywood trash.
  When directors have made quite a few commercial successes in a row in the Hollywood system, they are usually allowed to make a movie with less interference from a given studio, which often results in a far superior movie compared to those commercial successes. This is clearly the case here.
  Yes, the American flag at the end is annoying. So is also the stupendous claim that «love transcends time and space».

Saturday, November 08, 2014

The Book of Fate explained

  I remember writing this, now, when I’m writing it again…
  My hand is writing it, now, writing what was written by my dreams so long ago.
  Everything is silent around me. All the sounds of the night and the day are quiet, speaking only in my mind.
  Clarity is surging through me again. It’s amazing how everything… fits.
  A leaf falls to the ground somewhere. I see it. I see thousands of leaves rise from the ground, before they ever fell from the branches. Fate is pre-determined… right, different from destiny that is desire, direction, belief? The Book of Fate, the book right in front of me, right now, turning its pages in my presence speaks in brief about giants walking the Universe, about dragons spitting their more than intense fire on all the upturned stones there are, burning what was hidden, was Shadow, revealing it for all to see and experience.
  Sorcerers, seekers in Shadow write their books, their notes of the Other World, of what’s Hidden. They touch the infinite and eternal and bring pale darkness to illuminate everybody, also those who don’t want to open their eyes to the world.
  I know what the sun and the moon looks like and feels like. I've stared it in the eyes, faced it close enough to burn. I remember that feeling well, how small I felt, reminding me how big I feel now, when I look at my face from the other end.
  The Book of Fate is no mere Book of Shadows, written by a mere seeker of the unknown. It’s writing itself, or at least it seems to be. When you enter the room that isn’t a room nothing visible or tangible is turning its pages or holding the pen levitating above what looks like old, decrepit paper. The pen’s point touches only air, but words still appear below, not on one page but billions times billions simultaneously. The book isn't in only one place, but all places, all times. I’ve read it for some time, but understanding kept eluding me.
  Then, suddenly I knew, knew what I hadn't been able to grasp:
  There’s one entity, one dragon that isn't just mentioned in passing, one human being that isn't just mentioned on a few more pages here and there… but on all of them, every single sheet of paper and mist that ever is. Stunned for a few seconds I realize the undeniable truth, what virtually everybody denies to themselves:
  I know who I am.

  Finally making sense

  The words above are those of Jeremy Zahn, one of the main characters in my novel Your Own Fate. It is part of the extensive extra material on the website, offering further understanding and perspective of the story.
  It wasn't included in the novel. I made the decision not to do that after some internal deliberation.
  Jeremy Zahn is a man opening his eyes to misplaced truths and previously undiscovered awareness, and everything accompanying those things. If you want to find out more about him, go here, or read the book. He is.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Carbon copies

  You are clearly siding with the powerful if you think it matters who the winner is among established political parties. There are a few minor differences, but no truly significant difference that will lead to anything even resembling true justice and equality. If you looked beyond the propaganda and the deception you would easily see that. Wearing a blindfold will never make you see the obvious.
  As a general rule there is only one party in each democracy, and it’s centrist, mainstream establishment. Democratic elections will always, all things being equal, even during near «perfect» conditions slide towards centrism, towards the least unpopular decisions in a given population. If a new, different party should appear, it will quickly join the one already there.
  Nothing significant will change.
  And that’s before money and power comes in. With those things added a centrist/conservative government is all but assured. The tiny trickle of change happening is for the worse.
  Radicals in United States and United Kingdom and elsewhere, for unfathomable reasons look to Scandinavia because we have «proportional representation» and actually push that as a solution or part of a solution. Please, stop with such dangerous and mindless bullshit. Take it from me, guys. I live here, and it’s no different, just yet another sham.
  Yes, as amazing as that seems to me and other people living here, most people elsewhere see Scandinavia as a kind of paradise, but that view is totally false. It’s pretty much like everywhere else, really. We shake our head when professed radicals elsewhere want to emulate its system of government and «welfare».
  It’s the haves and the have nots here as well. If you have money and a somewhat secure job you’re set, if not you go hungry, and your prospects are dim.
  Please, guys, stop whipping that particular dead horse at least. You should be far more ambitious on behalf of yourself and humanity.
  Politicians are more or less carbon copies of each other. They are dressed the same, speak and behave the same way and vote the same, everyone from the established parties or the parties about to become established serving the same mindset and set of people: those at the top of the pyramid.
  Yes, elections are a sham, not only by the fact that there are no true alternatives to vote for, but that they are held at all.
  Participating in them is fitting your own blindfold, is willful ignorance and irrationality.
  It’s time, time to move beyond pleasantries and the illusion that the tyrants of the world will be nice to us if we are nice to them.
  Petitioning those served by the oppressive system doesn't work. You don’t beg a tyrant for favors. True freedom can’t be given, but must be taken.

  You might decide you want to vote, anyway, even as a stopgap measure, in a vain effort to keep conservative forces from gaining even more power. I get that, I do, but if you do that you will actually aid those same forces, will «accomplish» exactly what you were attempting to prevent. Choosing between two evils or even worse; the same two-headed, many-headed evil, pretending there is true choice is not the way to do it.
  Democracy is the slickest tyranny ever, because it gives people the illusion of influence.
  You shouldn't sit back and do nothing, though. On the contrary, you should do far more than what you’re currently doing.

  The thing to do is to reject the current society as much as you possibly can, and constantly attempt to form truly autonomous and more or less self-sufficient communities where everyone has an equal voice and work from there to reach out to other autonomous communities, and slowly make a new and truly different world, fighting with every possible means at your disposal against the old. To play the game of power doesn't work. If you use the language of the oppressors, especially doing so without critical thought, you've lost the struggle before it has even begun. We see that, time and time again. It’s time for a radically different approach.
  The reasons for the human-created Climate Change, various forms of equally dangerous pollution on all levels, social and economic misery and vast inequality and oppression, all of it show us or should show us beyond doubt that today’s and yesterday’s methods just don’t work, not if we want to create a world where we want to live, not merely exist.
  Those in charge, with the aid of their many eager servants wage a war against humanity and all life on Earth. They - and all the rest of us in concert destroy piece by piece of nature, of everything we need in order to survive.
  Those eager servants object to being called «sheep» or «mindless puppets». What do you call people that are willingly and eagerly fooled time and time again? Is calling them mindless puppets fair or not?
  There are very few good things left in human existence. The local, national and global community has gone and is going from bad to worse. The strong and very visible warning signals have been virtually ignored and are being ignored. It’s like every single dystopian novel ever written or movie ever made (and then some) has come and is coming true.

  Leave it behind, do so in both your mind and your actions.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The trenchcoat brigade

  The man in the trenchcoat and cap left the women’s restroom in the international departure lounge at Stanstead Airport. He walked in a slow, lavish pace. The odor of weeks’ old sweat was unmistakable. His face was strangely clean and unshaven, the rest of him of quite the dubious quality. People stared at him. Some people stared hard, and with anger burning in their eyes, but he ignored them.
  A sign said, in very large letters.

  The airport community charter is here to help you, but we will not tolerate:

Ø       Drunkenness
Ø       Insulting words or behavior
Ø       Threats or actual physical violence
Ø       Abusive language

  BAA Stanstead/Essex Police

  People had filed into the lounge for quite some time. It was just a few minutes until the gate would open, and the passengers would be let onboard the plane.
  The man bumped into a woman with a baby on her arm.
  - HEY, watch there you’re going, you sow.
  He belched, very loud and distinct. The woman quickly removed herself from his immediate vicinity.
  - What are you guys STARING at? He shouted. – It isn’t nice to stare, you know.
  At this time the man had already been observed by the guards through the surveillance cameras, and they began paying attention to him. A couple of them sat course towards the lounge, to calm the situation at an early stage.
  - I can smell your cunt, the man said to an overdressed woman.
  He sat down by her side, moving his nose over her groin. His sniffing was very pronounced and loud, almost eerily so. She struck him on the head, struck him hard.
  - You fucking cocksucker, she screamed, very loud.
  He rose and stumbled off. Quite a few of the passengers applauded. The woman took a bow. He stumbled in a foot and fell over an entire row of people. Quite a few of them fell of the chairs. He grabbed the rest and pulled them with him to the floor.
  - Sorry, sorry, he grinned, - all you stinking shits.
  The first few guards appeared, striving to keep up their appearance of calm, as they approached the clearly disturbed man.
  - Please, sir, one of them said soothingly, - you need to calm down.
  - So, I need to calm down, you stinking SHIT! The man sniveled. – How do you people get off, anyway, how do you get laid, for that matter?
  The last part of the sentence he added as an afterthought, clearly, seemingly pondering something.
  Then he visibly brightened.
  - Jesus fucked Maria, he said with absolute certainty and conviction.
  - Your behavior is disturbing, deeply disturbing to the other passengers, the officer in charge said with a frown on his brow. – I’m afraid we have to ask you to come with us.
  - Am I disturbing? The man turned and asked the passengers. – Am I offensive?
  - I don’t think so, a young man grinned. – But then I’m biased, I guess.
  He and several others chuckled darkly.
  - I have no misgivings, the woman with the smelly cunt shrugged.
  People stared astonished at her.
  The frown deepened, as the officer in charge hesitated a bit, clearly sensing that something was… off, that something wasn't… right. 
  He was sweating, looking around him with a pained expression in his face. It was clearly visible on the monitors.
  One of the other guards grinned. He looked forward to this. That was also visible on the monitors.
  - C’mon, sir, he said, - you need to come with us and stop hassling these fine people.
  They stepped forward.
  The man stepped backwards, scowling at them.
  The police officers were, in general quite confident, fairly certain of their place in the world, in the scheme of things. They surrounded the man in a maneuver they had practiced by doing many times.
  The disturbing man laughed out aloud, a very patronizing laughter making them stop in their tracks.
  - You guys never cease to amaze me, in negative ways.
  He shook his head in mock despair.
  Suddenly they felt a chill, and they couldn't for the life of them tell why.
  The man began removing his clothes, his cap, his coat and his pants, leaving his jacket for some reason.
  - That’s enough, the officer in charge snarled.
  They charged the disturbing man. In an amazing move he grabbed the two in front and pushed them back. The entire group of six was stopped. To the spectators it looked like they hit a wall.
  Then, in an even more amazing move, before anyone managed to catch their breath he struck the biggest police officer in the face, felling him with one blow. He was unconscious long before he hit the floor.
  The big, very big man threw his jacket away, revealing a large, ugly machinegun hanging from his belt. He drew it, and before the security forces managed to even utter a word of protest he mowed them all down. The screaming began.
  Several more guards approached, guns in hand. Some of the perceived passengers, among them the woman with the smelly cunt drew large guns, too, firing totally indiscriminately at anything moving, and everyone was moving, attempting in vain to escape the barrage of hot lead. The woman and the baby in her arms were among the first casualties. Many more followed in the seconds and long minutes to come.
  The sign with the big letters were blown to bits.
  For a while, a few seconds at least a temporary, eerie silence reigned.
  - That was FUCKING invigorating, the woman with the smelly cunt shouted. – WASN'T THAT FUN?
  She threw herself into the arms of the big man and kissed him on the lips.
  - I love you, Timothy, she cried. – I fucking love you. You know how to keep a girl entertained.
  The young man with a dark chuckle threw his head back and howled at the invisible moon, and fired a salvo at the ceiling.
  There were wounded people on the floor. The disturbing gang took care of everybody, before they moved on to the next gate. People fled in droves from it. Some got away, but most of them were either hit by a rain of bullets, roasted by flamethrowers or blown to bit by exploding rocket grenades. The twenty-two people walked in a fast pace, but didn't run. They calmly (with the exception of a few excited cries) eradicated everything in their path. More security guards showed up. They were exterminated with the rest.
  - TO FUCKING HELL ON EARTH, Timothy Joyce shouted and cackled insanely, as he walked in front of the lethal procession. – TO THE DESECRATION AND SODOMIZING OF ANGELS!
  Everybody, also those far away, fleeing with their hearts stuck in their throat heard his voice, heard it above the thunder of the guns.
  They would never forget it. Long after they had stopped having nightmares filled with blood and thunder they would remember the demonic face and voice.

  Timothy Joyce and those enthusiastically following him stopped at an intersection and began shooting to pieces all the surveillance cameras. All screens turned black.

  No more bullshit!

  The story above stars Timothy Joyce, one of the main characters in my novel Your Own Fate. It is part of the extensive extra material on the website, offering further understanding and perspective of the story.
  It wasn't included in the novel because it’s fairly similar to several other scenes there, and because it didn't quite fit. The story in the book is mostly told from Jeremy Zahn’s perspective.
  This short story about the events on a modern airport would also have to be at least four times longer than the one you have just read. Perhaps I will write the extended version some day.
  Timothy Joyce is a man with no more patience for bullshit, as you can plainly observe and certainly appreciate. If you want to find out more about him, go here, or read the book. He certainly would appreciate it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The great coming of the Night

  Now and then, it’s great to just sit still and watch as it turns darker outside, to keep all electrical lights switched off and watch Night approach.
  The shadows turn longer and the very air around you changes in startling ways. The western horizon turns into beautiful and ever-shifting variations of red. The colors seem to be fading, but are in truth only metamorphosing into a different frequency your eyes can’t catch. The gray light of day Goes Away, and you feel yourself awakening from your slumber.
  And when you sit there, immersed in the vast darkness, listening with known and unknown senses, you don’t turn the lights on, but remain there for as long as you feel like it, enjoying the sensation when thoughts and creativity flow freely.
  All kinds of thoughts and sensations come to you.

  I enjoy the night, enjoy it and its experience immensely. It’s when I do most of my work and the best. Lately, I've been able to enjoy it even more, like I do every time I fill my fridge and stay at home in my cave, forest and mountain, and even though I also have to occasionally do it for economic reasons, have to drastically cut my expenses, I would have done it anyway.
  There is little or no pattern to anything I do. I go to sleep when I’m tired, wake up when I’m not, and there’s a freedom to that everyone should taste and enjoy. I don’t actually have to do anything, except eat and drink, pee and shit.
  My natural sleep pattern is during the day. I usually have breakfast at dusk. During the winter half of the year I hardly see the sun at all.
  The night lasts eighteen hours and I rejoice.
  I haven’t been to the city for three weeks and I don’t really miss it. I didn't miss it when I was months and even eighteen months away from it either.
  I can enjoy myself there, but aside from when I visit the urban wilderness of London and similar, it’s a different kind of enjoyment, one not touching me so deeply.

  "Montgomery told me that the Law... became oddly weakened about nightfall;
that then the animal was at its strongest;
a spirit of adventure sprang up in them at the dusk;
they would dare things they never seemed to dream about by day".

H. G. Wells
The Island of Dr. Moreau

  I dream about it, the true life of a Human Being all the time, also in the most glaring daylight, but the great and irresistible drive to think and act free of restraint and oppression is strongest at night. Dreams Belong to the Night!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Road of devastation

  They’re making yet another road, road into the forest, ruining even more life in the process. That deep… scar clearly diminishes the joy of moving through these woods.
  Those in charge, with the aid of their many eager servants wage a war against humanity and all life on Earth. They - and all the rest of us in concert destroy piece by piece of nature, of everything we need in order to survive.
  Human society has been a horrible place to live for a long time, and has gone steadily worse. In leaps and bounds it had turned into something where it is impossible to truly live, except on its outskirts, its dark corners and edges.
  Not so strange that. We slowly remove all pleasure from our lives, everything making us thrive and enjoy ourselves, everything making us human and supplant it with mindless entertainment, with death of the spirit.
  A road through the forest, through the wilderness isn't merely a broad piece of asphalt, but a dam to keep life from crossing it. Yes, all science and research and de facto reality not only suggest, but tell us plainly that only tiny encroachments into nature is sufficient to disrupt age old paths. Making reservoirs, «pockets» in the wilderness isn't a good thing at all. It may slow down the dying, but it doesn't in any way put a stop to it. Traditional «conservation», its very idea, not only how it’s practiced has been an abject failure and remains a failed tactic, a stopgap measure at best, a disaster of both willful deception and mindless intent.
  One road destroys or at least ruins a given ecosystem, reducing it in stature and effectiveness.
  And there are many roads. A city, by its very presence in a given area is a disaster for long term survival there.
  All the big mammals are dying, are going extinct. Many smaller, even insects as well. One chemical, or several in combination, so useful in civilization, kills off the bees. Others kill off other animals. We see it every day, see how the massive amount of poison we have introduced into the soil and water and air works on the animals and fail to see the obvious: that it is also affecting us, both directly and indirectly.
  The Sixth Great Extinction is here and it is us. Humanity has become like a cosmic disaster.
  Modern humans just don’t understand nature anymore, or cause and effect and simple logic for that matter. We fail in the most basic understanding of everything, really.
  Life on Earth is dying, and nothing, nothing is done to keep it from happening. We are not fixing this, or even trying, no matter how much the propaganda says we are. Yes, we do indeed commit collective suicide.

  The World Grinder

Excavators are one major destroyer's tool

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Prevailing inequality

  My contribution to Blog Action Day 2014:

  Inequality dominates all over the world, on all levels. Poverty is widespread, more common than not, and the situation has gone and is going from bad to worse all the time.
  Poor people in all countries are worse off in case of health and just about anything. The wealthy and powerful use the position their money and power grant them to tightening the noose, the collar around people’s neck even more.
  The charity organizations can’t and won’t fix that. On the contrary, they and their presence serve to segment the situation rather than solving it.
  What is needed, what is mandatory is to change society in fundamental ways, to truly change the world, until there is no major difference in income and fortune anymore. Capitalism must go. It has always and will always serve those in charge. Those in charge and their many eager servants work hard with their propaganda in order to fool people and keep them distracted from the real issues. Established media is one of their most powerful tools. Sports, nationalism, religion and keeping people from truly independent thinking and action are others.

  The difference in salary or the money/funds people may use in a given year shouldn't be unequal at all, or at least not be more or less than ten percent of average. The day that happens we will be very close to a world where true freedom and justice reign.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The joy of documentation

  Sadly, I didn't use to value bringing my camera with me on travels and celebrations much earlier. Tons of good moments are lost that way, or at least fairly inaccessible, reduced to dim memory. My firm conviction was that it would «ruin the experience» of the moment. I’ve recently changed my position on this completely. Added documentation enriches the moment, not only its posterity.
  A great photographer brings his camera with him or her everywhere, including the bathroom and in bed.

  Yes, I, procuring audio and video recording equipment has been a tremendous success already.

Monday, October 13, 2014


  Many authors and certainly I feel strange when people ask us which one of our books we recommend. All the books are labors of love and it is always difficult to choose one above another. At least I would say that I always put something precious of myself in each and every story I write. There is a very good reason to choose The Defenseless, for instance. I labored for thirty-seven years before I published that one. TheJanus Clan series is my life-long project. Your Own Fate is my shortest novel, but I’m still immensely proud over how it turned out. With Afterglow Dust and Alarums of Reality I proved to myself that I would and could keep writing completely different stories from those I had previously written, keep changing themes and content and even form easily, doing so like the most natural thing in the world, embracing variety and its intrinsic value.
  So when people I know fairly well ask, I ponder their opinions and which of the books they will enjoy the most, and it’s usually different every time.
  But if I should choose one, it would have to be Dreams Belong to the Night. It will always be the one I’m most proud of, for many reasons. I wrote it and my second choice ShadowWalk in a very turbulent time in my life, with great swings of both joy and despair. It was also during this time I felt I was becoming an author, truly becoming one and that I was no longer someone just trying to write books. I took a step (leap) or ten forward during those five years, in so many ways.
  All my books and art… they are me, the characters in the first ten (chronologically speaking) both an idealistic and demonic version of myself, but this is so twice or thrice over. I always felt, from I was very young that any storyteller needs to live a life at least as dramatic and exciting as the characters he or she writes about. In London, in the summer of 1988 I started doing that. In some ways The Defenseless is about the time before that, its first draft written while I was still an insecure and troubled teenager. Dreams and SW are written during and after my most radical awakening, a time where I mostly enjoyed myself beyond words, during one of the happiest times of my life.

  And it shows, many times over! My pride is over both content and form. It is such an accomplished whole that I still have a hard time containing my excitement and keeping my somewhat critical sense of proportions. Any writer/artist has a hard time properly judging his own work, I know that. My enthusiasm persists.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Child Killers

  I wrote this in late November 2005 and added another verse tonight.

Tony, George and all the rest
Where do you get off
Aren't you pleased
Aren't you content
How many more children will you kill
Before you're done

From the moment they open their eyes
You are there, lessening their lives
You are many, you are never alone
In your zeal to destroy
Any shred of innocence

What goes through your mind
As you sit there
Around the square table
Concocting your insane schemes
Your tyranny of convenience

It gets to us
No matter how spirited
We might be
It gets to us, you know
The shit of the current world
You perpetuate and tend

Aren't you pleased
Aren't you content
How many more candles
Will you put out
Before your day is done

David, Barack and all the rest
Where do you get off
Aren't you pleased
Aren't you content
How many more children will you kill
Before you're done

  Two different major political parties in each country, and it's all the same.

  This poem is part of my collection Secrets

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

No more barking dogs

  «You don’t direct your anger at the barking dog, but at its master».
  This is an age-old and basically accurate proverb.
  That, however, doesn't relieve the dog from responsibility for its actions.
  Public officials, corporate officials, they’re all to blame for their blind and eager obedience to their masters. If they weren't there, their masters would be helpless, would be unable to implement and sustain their oppression.
  The truth of the matter is that most of those officials enjoy their power and get off on it. They’re not unwilling or reluctant participants.
  Get rid of all the barking dogs, all the eager servants and no one is left to execute the will of the masters. The result is evident and inevitable: No more masters.

  The vast dangers of obedience

Sunday, September 21, 2014


  Walking is in itself a special, underestimated pleasure.
  It can be and very often is a walkabout, a spiritual and material search, an exploration of the corporal and the mind.
  I have walked all over the planet, in and around my local forest, in London, the Norwegian mountains, the moors of Cornwall, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, Caracas, Sao Paolo, Tierra del Fuego, The Amazon Jungle, Africa’s mountains and jungle and desert, Hong Kong, the infested streets of Kolkata (Calcutta), the city of the dead in Cairo, even the Mojave Desert at night.
  To name a few places.
  I may sit in front of the computer. Writing, creating is slow. Then, being fed up with inactivity I don my worn shoes and step outside, into the night. After just a few steps or at least a few minutes of walking my mind is filled with clarity and inspiration. It is operating at a higher level of consciousness, just like when I’m traveling or celebrating a Witchnight or taking off into the deep forest or similar elevated states of being.
  Evolution has, both physically and mentally made us to move, really, not to sit on our ass, not to sit ourselves sick.

  It’s pretty clear to me what our natural state of being is and should be.

Monday, September 15, 2014


  I took a stand on writing/art and publishing politics early. It was inevitable, given my radical stand on everything. My position has only strengthened itself since I started up my truly independent publishing company.
  Establishment publishers have lots and lots of reasons to be defensive: their active, repugnant censorship, their ongoing centrism, their ruination of both potentially good stories and authors. And not the least: Their hateful attacks on truly independent authors, those that don’t want to submit to their authority and be a part of their system of propaganda and oppression.
  Avoid them, at all cost.
  There are, unbelievably so still written articles about how authors should handle rejection by these entities of conformity, and authors buying the hype.
  Don’t! Self publish instead. There is just no reason to not do it anymore. Reject the voice of authority and oppression so prevalent in establishment publishing.
  Not that I care about such trifles at all, but self-publishers should have been and should be hailed as pioneers.

  But of course we won’t be, since the existing oppressive system sees us as a threat to their earnings and hegemony.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Law

  It feels so good every time I break the law, not necessary for some small or big financial gain, but because the law is fundamentally unjust and needs to be broken at every possible juncture in a continuous effort at undermining it and one day subvert it completely. Anyone using their minds to think with, even about the basics knows that the law is made by the rich and powerful, in order to benefit the rich and powerful, against those with little or nothing.
  Breaking the law on a regular basis becomes an exercise in rebellion, one of several necessary disciplines in order to think and act for yourself and to keep doing so.
  Today’s local, national and global society is basically founded on the unending inverted Robin Hood principle: the rich is stealing from the poor, doing whatever it takes to keep that status quo of fundamental inequality.
  Values are so twisted, so fucked up today that nothing is right, nothing can be right, because society is created from scratch to be fundamentally unfair and that sordid state of affairs is perfected constantly by those in charge and their eager servants.
  Know that those in charge control all perceived means of controlling a given society. They keep us all in check by a synthesis of violence, threat of violence and propaganda, of constant brainwashing. Know beyond knowing that they will never give up their power if they are not forced to do so. Know that they can only rule as long as we allow it, and that such an intolerable state of affairs should not and can not be allowed to continue for much longer. Know that humanity is committing collective suicide under their guidance and through our unwillingness and inability to stop them, to cry enough.

  It should have ended many yesterdays ago.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Eager servant

  It doesn't take much of an effort in order to see through the bullshit of establishment propaganda, but still very few manage to do so. They mindlessly keep squeaking it, repeating it like parrots, like tape recorders, echoing it automatically when truly radical people offer much needed criticism.
  There is no valid excuse for being so gullible, really.

  If you
                are against immigration,
                are a nationalist/patriot,
                think the police and military forces are necessary,
                think your country has any true enemies to speak of,
                think mountain tribes in distant lands are a threat to us,
                think rich people are okay,
                think religion is a good thing,
                think the law is there for your benefit,
                think surveillance is in any way acceptable,
                have any loyalty to the country of your birth,
                favor the market instead of people,
                believe the current world is in any way right,

you eagerly serve those in charge.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Racists = people against immigration = the vilest of the vile

  People against immigration are mostly racists. They oppose immigration by other races or cultures, but find no fault with immigrants of «their own kind». People against immigration in Northern and Western Europe, for instance are not against immigration of white Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, Germans and Brits, while rampant racism paints Arabs and black people in the worst possible light in an effort to keep them out. There is no rational reason for this hatred, but it is still there, blowing like an ill wind in a given country, ruining it from the inside.
  There are a few anti-immigrant people that are against all immigration. They are nationalists and not much better…
  Should we treat racists, people against immigration with respect, treat them as if they matter? My answer is a resounding no. If there is one single type of people that doesn’t deserve any consideration it is this. They should leave, not those they viciously attack.
  If you think it matters, in any way if your ancestors have lived in a given country for many generations you couldn't be more wrong. The important is what contribution you make, and a top asshole like you contributes only a beyond unpleasant stench.

  Immigration and the subsequent influx of new, different cultures are a great benefit to a given place or country. Long live multiculturalism!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014


  I grew a beard for the first time in years recently. There are two main reasons for this.
  The first, the one initially prompting me to do it was my role as The Vagrant in my film Coughing. I kind of recreated myself for the part. The Vagrant is and will be a kind of reoccurring, usually minor character in some of my films and stories, one I can easily play without it interfering too much with my other tasks on the set. One guy laughed when I told him about it, asking if that was how I saw myself. I looked puzzled at him. He didn't seem to get that it was only a part.

  The other reason, and why I kept it a while after the filming was done is that I am currently fucking (and dating) a girl in her early twenties. Instead of attempting to hide the age difference, I decided to call attention to it. My beard has turned white where it used to be red, and even though the rest of it and my hair remain mostly black growing a beard clearly makes me look older.
  I've always spat at social conventions and I have every intention of keep doing that.

  My bright and aware, and beyond average intelligent and interesting young fucktoy is surprised I can set the table in a civilized way, with wine and cutlery and candles. She sees me pretty much as a savage. She likes savages. But she likes dinners with red wine and candles as well.
  Dining can be such a great experience. I often enjoy that, like I enjoyed the filming, and don’t really worry about what might go wrong. Many people today, it seems lack the ability to enjoy the process and very experience of life, of life itself, and thereby miss the opportunity to savor its minor moments as well.
  Big moments are enjoyed with a burning passion filling you up, but it’s just as important to make the small moments count, to approach them with enthusiasm and a devil-may-care attitude.

  Those not busy being born are busy dying.

Monday, August 04, 2014

It’s accomplished

  We finished principal photography of my film Coughing in late July.
  The entire film was done with a skeleton crew. It was deliberately written as a zero budget story from the start and was further simplified during a rewriting of the script when one of the actors didn't show, and his part was removed.
  The only expense was a baguette procured at the nearest fast food kitchen for the equivalent of $4.
  We shot 22.5 GB of footage in two days for a movie that will be approximately four minutes long, using a Canon 5D mark 3 camera without extensions or enhancements, and a Zoom H6 portable sound recorder. This is everything needed to make a film with quality equipment, really. It is something one person can carry with him or her all over the world. Add a laptop computer with the necessary software and hardware and you’re set.
  I consider this my «film school exam», my tryout, the first hesitant, passionate result of twenty months of theoretical self studies adding to the knowledge already there.
  And now for the editing, the cutting and connecting of footage, the latter half of the process already begun in my head long before the principal photography started.
  I did, as I set out to do, do everything filmmaking, from the writing of the script, from start to finish. I despaired briefly over that fact on the set, while the task of multitasking felt too much for me, before I once more embraced my philosophy of enjoying the process and experience of life in both small and big moments.
  This is a moment I have moved towards since I used a super 8 camera as a teenager, and started writing scripts almost twenty years ago and knew I would procure the Canon 5D mark 3 or similar sometime in the future when the mark 2 was released in 2008.

  I plan and carry out my short term and long term plans in unending strings of night and fire, of ideas and implementation, and, in spite of the occasional hassle and grief, enjoy it all so very much.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Four years

  I guess I was afraid of jinxing it, but now giving a report about my use of Lightning Source is long overdue.
  I signed the contract with Lightning Source, printer and distributor of Print on Demand books in early spring 2010. My first novel, The Defenseless was published July 21, 2010, thirty-seven years after I had begun writing it.
  The technical aspect of it was easy, far easier than I feared in advance. It helped that I was experienced with digital publishing, but not strictly necessary. I learned more than I needed, really, about their operations, and I made the book virtually alone, everything from content, to cover and design, and pre-media. Lightning Source printed it and made it available for readers all over the world.
  Note that they are not a publishing company. They don’t do anything except the actual printing and distribution from cover and content files you provide, but I didn't and don’t need more from them either.
  I’m very pleased with Lightning Source and can recommend them to all self-publishers. Truth to tell I can’t point at one single thing I’m downright displeased with. There are minor issues in their preferences of what they offer and how they offer it I would have changed, but those are totally negligible.
  Their service is great. They don’t try to cheat you or withdraw from the duties imposed on them by the contract or anything. I would rather say they go beyond their duty to help if you should need it. They’re proactive and alert you if something is not right, and at the same time, if you don’t ask for help, they mostly leave you alone.
  I have published twelve books through them and hopefully I will publish the next twelve as well.
  The first eleven I made using Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat, focusing on simplicity. With Afterglow Dust I added Adobe InDesign and Illustrator as tools for both the content and the cover, and that inevitably brought more flexibility to the process. If I wasn't a graphic designer before I certainly have become one, now. Adobe Creative Cloud has truly surpassed my wildest expectations. The hype is actually true. You can make and edit photos, films, books, magazines and everything multimedia with it in a way far surpassing any competition that may be out there, and I don’t receive any money for saying that. This is just a pleased customer speaking. It is indeed cutting edge.
  Adding even more to my experience was me finally procuring my new camera, the Canon 5D mark III, which is nothing short of remarkable and unequaled as a professional tool.
  The last four years have been amazing, and I feel I still haven’t even begun to truly develop my skills and delve deeper into the multimedia experience. In spite of my long experience as a writer/artist, I feel like I've just started out.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fed up

  There was a protest against the Gaza bombing and against israel in general at the Blue Rock in Bergen today. Several hundred people attended, which is fairly good for Bergen, a surprisingly high number.
  Tempers ran high, really. I’ve been to quite a few of these protests, and you could see how many of those present were angry and downright disturbed by the escalation they have witnessed lately. There were more angry words, more shaking voices.
  I see that as a very good thing. Gaza, and Palestine in general need more than mere sympathy. They need action beyond the call of duty.
  What we have seen this week has been totally beyond reason, and when I say that I also include the total lack of condemnation from western governments. Both israel’s acts and the support their acts receive from western governments and establishment are totally unacceptable.
  Israel is the aggressor, one of the worst we have ever seen, and Palestine is the oppressed and maimed and killed and tortured and everything, desperately defending itself from colonization, occupation and genocide.
The sign says: "Charge israel with war crimes at the International Criminal Court

  The still dominant narrative spouted by israel and friends must be challenged head on and broken. Israel must be ostracized in the world community, and not know any peace before they start making up for all their horrible acts, and show by unequivocal acts that they will never repeat them.

  Texts and drawings like these were made all over the central parts of town.

  If you want to read more articles about Palestine on the Midnight Fire blog and web site write either Palestine or Israel in the upper left search field.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My updated author/novelist/poet/writer «CV»

 The startlingly different CV four years ago

  My fourteen completed novels:

  The Defenseless 1973 – 1982, 2002 - 2004, published 2010
  The Slaves 1977, 1982 – 1984, 2004 - 2005, published 2010
  Birds Flying the Dark 1984 – 1986, 2004 – 2006, published 2011
  From the Ashes 1986 – 1987
  There was no summer 1987 – 1989
  Dreams Belong to the Night 1989 – 1991, 1997 – 1999, 2002 - 2003 (Norwegian edition published 2002, English with corrections and rewrites 2011)
  ShadowWalk 1989 – 1993, 1998 – 2001, 2004 (First published in paperback 2003, republished hardback with corrections and minor rewrites 2011)
  Your Own Fate 1997 – 2000, 2003 - 2004, published 2010
  Thunder Road: Ice and Fire 1994 – 2002, 2010 - 2014
  Night on Earth 1991 – 2004, published 2010
  Alarums of Reality 2001, 2004 – 2010, published 2012
  At the End of the Rainbow 1995, 2005 – 2010, published 2012
  Afterglow Dust 2004 – 2013, published 2014
  Black Dragon 2008 – 2014

  From the Ashes and There was no Summer aren’t yet ready for publication, not even close. Thunder Road: Ice and Fire is considerably closer.

  Some novels well under way, the start year(s):

  The Hitchhiker in the Woods 1999
  Season of the Witch 2001 (I write less than one chapter a year here, for some reason, probably because I work very hard at making it vastly different from previous stories on the subject)
  Fangs and Claws of the Earth 2001, 2010 (I keep writing on this one, probably a novella)
  Footprints on the Water 2001
  Phoenix Green Earth 2002 (major final book of the Janus Clan story)
  Red Shadow 2006 (probably a novella)
  Falling 2006 (probably completed later this year)
  Lewis of Modern York 2010 (fifth Janus Clan book)
  Afterglow Rain 2013 (sequel to Afterglow Dust)

  I used to do many of those, and also other projects simultaneously, but I finally overextended myself, and something had to give. Now, as a general rule I focus on a few of them, mostly those closest to completion.

  Short stories:

Germs 2006
Tall and big blonde girl 2010
To get away with Murder – a fictional story 2013
Christian Erdinger: concerto for six humans, four gorillas and two black panthers 2014

  Movie scripts:

Exodus (short) 1997
One day in the life of John Smith (short) 1997
Hidden World 1997 – 2006
Earth and Sky, Day and Night episode one: Resurrection Dreams 2001 - 2007
Confessions of a Midnight Cannibal (short) 2007 – 2009
3 minutes+ (short) 2011
Coughing (also called Lunch) (short) 2014

  Working on:

Travels and Revels, Life and Magick, Tales from Hell and Beyond - Aleister Crowley
A Meaningless Story
The Wrong World (documentary)
The Dangers of Obedience (documentary)
The Dark River - existential horror series
Time and Tide – the series
Dark Urban Legends - the series
The Man that wasn’t Himself
The House that would not Rest
Earth and Sky, Day and Night – the series
A road movie in black and white
Another road movie in black and white

  And quite a few others…
  I work on many levels with many different things, with as many levels as I possibly can, and more.

  Theater script (never written down anywhere except excerpts in the novels Dreams Belong to the Night and Thunder Road):

  The Gray Fog – A Shakespeare-inspired collage 1988 – 1993, performance street theater, played in the streets of London and throughout Europe.

The short stories may also easily become films.
Hopefully all the novels will be.

  Collections of poems:

The Green Rose 1990 – 1993, 1995
Cry of the Jester 1993
Poems of the Hot Wind 1994 – 1996
Travels and Revels, Life and Magick, Tales from Hell and Beyond - Aleister Crowley 1995
The Infinity Cycle 1995 – 1998
CHRONICLES OF OUR DREAMS - Dreamed 1998 – 2001
Diary of a Traveling Man 2002
The Beautiful, Exciting World in Pieces 2003

Complete Poems (all collections above) published 2011

  I’m a storyteller. These are my tales.