Saturday, December 14, 2013

A matter of price?

  My novels and collections of poetry have been published as hardbacks, as fairly expensive books. It was a deliberate choice I made. I wanted them to be sturdier, to last longer, to last long, preferably thousands of years, preferably forever…
  Some people have told me that they are too expensive, that it turned off them and would turn off many a prospective buyer. Others have told me it doesn't matter, that people truly interested would buy them in spite of the fairly high price, and that many prefer durable binding. I guess I considered and still consider both claims to be true.
  This year, though, two of my books have been offered by Amazon and Amazon UK to drastically reduced prices. Amazon does that occasionally. It is part of their both admired and reviled business practices.
  The Defenseless was offered for less than half price for weeks. Your Own Fate has been offered for months, now, for less than five pounds (currently, as of this very moment £2.47 - TWO pounds FORTY-SEVEN pence)…
  That is less than the price for a large (massimo) Cappuccino.
  And I don’t sell more of them than the rest, in spite of them being advertised more precisely for the reason above. I have no say in this. Amazon uses a kind of random system. But I don’t mind. Even though they have sold and sell my books for a price making them lose money on every sale, I get my share. I love that my books have both quality binding and cost less than less, of course.
  Even though my experience hardly qualifies as a poll or a valid survey, the verdict seems clear. It isn't a matter of price, at least not to the degree I suspected.