Saturday, November 30, 2013

New tools (I)

  I have now in my possession all the basic equipment necessary for professional movie-making.

  It took me three nights to master the basics of the Canon 5D mark 3, which is a pleasant surprise. I expected three weeks at least. As stated it is a piece of advanced technology to rival a space station, but in spite of that you can take great photos and films using the manual settings, which I am usually going to do. The quality of the images is just phenomenal, but don’t ask me to compare lenses and stuff, at least not yet. I will never focus on the technical side of filmmaking more than I have to.
  This camera is so versatile and gives you so many choices that you work pretty much in whatever way you want, and change your approach at will as you go along.
  I have procured a new laptop, Asus G750JH with 32 GB of memory. We call it The Beast, or The Monster, a computer more than powerful enough to serve the needs of an independent filmmaker. To say it has top specs is a vast understatement. The graphic card is too powerful and new to be registered on Adobe’s list over such cards. It will become a part of that list in the coming months and stay on it for years.
  I have become a part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, a move that gives me access to all Adobe’s programs/apps, among them Premiere and After Effects. That alone is a dream come true.
  The Zoom H6 handy portable sound recorder is still in the unopened box.
  So are the Metz Mecalight 480 and other stuff. I approach this slowly but confident.

  Once again, and I can’t stress this enough, they, and whatever technical or expensive «wonder» you procure are just tools, the potential, not the execution. They are not a magic wand, but the means for the artist, the creative human being to do his or her thing.
  I will!

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