Thursday, November 14, 2013

Israel - the beacon of democracy and peace in the Middle East

  It has now been a year since Israel’s latest massacre in Gaza (November 14 to 21, 2012). The Israeli occupation army keeps attacking and terrorizing Gaza and the West Bank in big and small ways all the time, but this was yet another major offensive, what the occupant and invader called «Pillar of Defense».
  The Israeli human rights’ organization B’Tselem has thoroughly documented loss of lives on both sides and as usual documentation paints a singularly picture of Israel as an oppressor of the very worst kind, of its leaders and soldiers and eager supporters as inhuman bastards you have to look hard to find elsewhere.
  The IOF, the Israeli occupation army killed a total of 167 Palestinians. At least 87 of these, 35 percent were non-combatants. 31 were children below the age of 18, 20 of those below the age of 12. More and more were killed the longer the massacre proceeded. Israeli bloodthirst increased daily.
  Four civilian Israelis were killed by rockets fired from Gaza. Two soldiers were killed.
  Once again facts prove a stark contrast to the Hasbara, the Zionist propaganda, the thoroughly distorted version of events presented by Israeli authorities and western established media.

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