Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Human rights?

  This is my contribution to blog action day 2013.

  Human rights have been a joke for a very long time, hardly more than pretty party speeches in any given modern society. The pretense has increased with all the nice words on paper, while reality has pretty much ridiculed them.
  Today’s local, national and global society is a place destroying everything making life worth living, a sham where people are brutalized and ruined from cradle to grave, a place where justice, equality and freedom are four-letter words. The nice words are hardly more than propaganda, an illusion of benevolence. We are kept in place by a thousand threads of a spider’s web, kept from rebelling against the yoke of modern life. The oppressive regime of money and power is everywhere, all over the planet. There is no country on Earth where freedom reigns.
  People will claim that the Declaration of Human Rights was something new in human life, but that just isn't so. It’s a mere pale reinvention of what was a given in the ancient tribal nomadic societies.

  Rights are not granted by law, but by nature. We are born free but grow up in chains. Laws are made by those in charge, to benefit those in charge, against those with little or nothing. We’re not even remotely close to having human rights today. We should demand far more of the world and ourselves than we do, also in this matter. We should make sure to be a part of a society we want to live in, not run away from, places where we can thrive. It’s about time we stopped following human law altogether and took back the true freedom that is our birthright.

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