Monday, September 09, 2013

The Wrong World: The Lake

  When you look at this small stretch of water it is hard to imagine that it once covered the entire valley. You see the horrible, poisonous claws of modern society everywhere: heaps of sand and machinery designed to destroy as much nature as possible, as fast as possible, the old highway and the beginning of its extension, the extinction of remaining life in the valley. What was once a lake is shrunk to practically nothing and I can guarantee you there is no life left in the water beyond micro-organisms and its like.
  This is a very good representation of how it is all over the world and an excellent illustration of how civilization works. It’s constantly devouring small and big pieces of nature, as it makes headway for itself.
  We have long since passed the point of polite conversation when it comes to fixing the horror of the world that is current human local, national and global society.
  Again we have to ask at what point do we claim self-defense. We’re long past that as well.

  The Wrong World is an upcoming documentary long time in the making by Amos Keppler.

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