Sunday, September 08, 2013

The same old bullshit

  As a local candidate for the pirate party in the Norwegian parliamentary election on Monday I was interviewed by the local newspaper, Bergens Tidende.
  They asked me what I thought about the election and the general debate accompanying it. I replied: «I’m not impressed. It’s the same old bullshit».
  It is a great and fitting headline for the interview as a whole, so even though the interview was reduced to just a few phrases in the editing process, as interviews with radicals and activists usually are in established media I am fairly pleased, comparatively speaking.
  My main beef is this: As far as I know no one else in the election has called it, called the bullshit so prevalent in the «debates». Little or nothing of true significance has been discussed in established media, and no one else has called it.
  The crushing, oppressive surveillance has not been discussed. Neither have other crucial issues like the environment or the massive, increasing poverty or Norway’s willing and eager participation in the United States’ horrible, inexcusable and ongoing aggression.
  This election has not deviated significantly from all other elections before it, and that, as always is a tragedy and scandal of immense proportions.
  Those claiming that the center/left government should go are correct, but most of them will vote for the center/right government, one even worse than the one they are about to replace.
  The world goes from bad to worse - again. Norwegian voters choose conservative solutions, those very same that have been such a disaster in virtually any country they have been implemented.
  A great result of this election would be if all 169 current representatives of the Norwegian parliament had been sacked and no one else of the new, upcoming representatives from the established parties had been elected. Instead we will just get more of the same, the same old tired and oppressive song of conformity and downright insanity.

  The same old bullshit!

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