Friday, September 06, 2013


  The nascent forces of wild and untamed rebellion in this world must step up its game dramatically and embrace true inkululeko, freedom. There is a need, a beyond desperate need for opposing and striking down the forces of oppression so prevalent today. This local, national and global society is destroying everything making life worth living. That, in itself is enough to do anything to end it.
  The pollution causing increased global warming, the chemicals poisoning us and all life on Earth, the destruction of nature, all that is bad and has horrible and obvious consequences, but is still only symptoms of the vast spiritual loss, our alienation from our home, from generous nature.
  A society crying out for rebellion, for true revolution is filled with trifles, with party politics and indifference. The so called left is impotent, at best, is clearly a part of the problem. The center-left, center, center-right and far right are as bad as always and growing worse.
  We have long since passed the point of polite conversation when it comes to fixing the horror the world has become.
  Again we have to ask at what point do we claim self-defense. We’re long past that as well.

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