Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Homage to rage

  The value of rage is grossly underestimated.
  Strong emotions are usually treated as a bad thing today, like all natural things. We have for instance «anger management», but nothing like «calm management».
  And behind it all there is an implication that there is nothing to truly be angry about, which is more blatant falsehood, of course.
  My view has, for a long time been that we, whether there is a need or not should embrace all aspects of humanity, of being human, that that is what is healthy and right, not the constant suppression we experience today.
  Feel free to direct your anger, but don’t allow anybody to bury it. It has always been and will always be a healthy survival mechanism.
  One major reason why such suppression, any suppression, really is so prevalent is that those in charge see it as very important, even crucial in order to stay in power. If emotions run wild changes run high for that to be the breaking point in a local, national and global society on the brink, and they fear that, fear it a lot.
  They want us domesticated, like pets.
  Yes, rage is essential, even crucial in the fight against the tyranny currently ruling mankind. Reject calm and embrace rage. Be human, not a machine.
  Embrace your rage, excel in your passion, both for the sake of your own well-being and in order to benefit humanity as a whole.

  Long live the true, so very necessary revolution.

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