Saturday, September 28, 2013

The horrible lack of truly critical voices

  There just aren't that many truly critical voices on Earth today, and even fewer true system critics. Most of those critical voices, at least those speaking out in public just want to brush and polish society a bit, not making the vast, dramatic changes needed to save life on Earth and create a local, national and global society with true equality, justice and freedom.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Christians blow up abortion clinics and other stories from real life

  Established media is once again filled with examples of «Islamic Terrorism». Christians step forward, eager to capitalize on the hysteria.
  I, for one have pointed out many times and keep pointing out that Christians and Muslims are pretty much equal when it comes to violence, intolerance and «terrorism». Christian acts of violence just aren't covered by established western media, at least not as Christian violence. Christian propaganda says that while Islam extremists walk around and blow up and shoot people, Christian extremists do not.
  Like with most of the arguments coming from such people it is WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG
  The facts speak for themselves, as they often do.
  If there is a difference I would say Christians are a notch worse, definitely a notch. It’s completely ridiculous when Christians criticize Muslims. It is undoubtedly as if the pan should call the kettle black.
  It isn't hard, isn't hard at all to be «informed» about Islamic violence. It screams at you from any television screen or front page and on the Internet, while you really have to search to find reports of Christians bombing abortion clinics in the United States and Christian armies killing people wholesale and Christian missionaries oppressing potential converts and even pure political terrorism justified by scripture.
  When Muslim individuals bomb and kill people they represent Islam. When Christian individuals do the same they are misguided believers.
  Christians are, at best basically hypocrites. No one is allowed to criticize them or their belief, but they keep spewing hate on the non-believer and the heathen, still persecuting witches and pagans. Let's see, Christians enjoy portraying themselves as benevolent, but are often homophobic, misogynistic, intolerant and ignorant. They are also actively encouraging those «qualities» in others, especially in children, specializing in ruining them at an early age. The Catholic Church has been aiding and abetting child abuse for centuries and is so powerful that they get away with it. Ku Klux Klan (Christians) has existed in the United States since the Civil War. They have not gone away and are not going anywhere. Racism is practically enshrined in the Christian United States.





  This is a small selection of what should have been headlines. A truth-seeking and determined individual can easily find more.
  Christianity spread from a tiny spot in the Middle East two-thousand years ago. It has pretty much occupied Europe since then. It committed genocide on the indigenous population of what is now called America and many other places besides. It has spread across the world like a plague. We can’t make them go anywhere, since they are everywhere, but we should fight them wherever we find them.

  They should be actively opposed everywhere and all their unjust and beyond damaging influence rescinded.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Homage to rage

  The value of rage is grossly underestimated.
  Strong emotions are usually treated as a bad thing today, like all natural things. We have for instance «anger management», but nothing like «calm management».
  And behind it all there is an implication that there is nothing to truly be angry about, which is more blatant falsehood, of course.
  My view has, for a long time been that we, whether there is a need or not should embrace all aspects of humanity, of being human, that that is what is healthy and right, not the constant suppression we experience today.
  Feel free to direct your anger, but don’t allow anybody to bury it. It has always been and will always be a healthy survival mechanism.
  One major reason why such suppression, any suppression, really is so prevalent is that those in charge see it as very important, even crucial in order to stay in power. If emotions run wild changes run high for that to be the breaking point in a local, national and global society on the brink, and they fear that, fear it a lot.
  They want us domesticated, like pets.
  Yes, rage is essential, even crucial in the fight against the tyranny currently ruling mankind. Reject calm and embrace rage. Be human, not a machine.
  Embrace your rage, excel in your passion, both for the sake of your own well-being and in order to benefit humanity as a whole.

  Long live the true, so very necessary revolution.

Monday, September 09, 2013

The Wrong World: The Lake

  When you look at this small stretch of water it is hard to imagine that it once covered the entire valley. You see the horrible, poisonous claws of modern society everywhere: heaps of sand and machinery designed to destroy as much nature as possible, as fast as possible, the old highway and the beginning of its extension, the extinction of remaining life in the valley. What was once a lake is shrunk to practically nothing and I can guarantee you there is no life left in the water beyond micro-organisms and its like.
  This is a very good representation of how it is all over the world and an excellent illustration of how civilization works. It’s constantly devouring small and big pieces of nature, as it makes headway for itself.
  We have long since passed the point of polite conversation when it comes to fixing the horror of the world that is current human local, national and global society.
  Again we have to ask at what point do we claim self-defense. We’re long past that as well.

  The Wrong World is an upcoming documentary long time in the making by Amos Keppler.

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Sunday, September 08, 2013

The same old bullshit

  As a local candidate for the pirate party in the Norwegian parliamentary election on Monday I was interviewed by the local newspaper, Bergens Tidende.
  They asked me what I thought about the election and the general debate accompanying it. I replied: «I’m not impressed. It’s the same old bullshit».
  It is a great and fitting headline for the interview as a whole, so even though the interview was reduced to just a few phrases in the editing process, as interviews with radicals and activists usually are in established media I am fairly pleased, comparatively speaking.
  My main beef is this: As far as I know no one else in the election has called it, called the bullshit so prevalent in the «debates». Little or nothing of true significance has been discussed in established media, and no one else has called it.
  The crushing, oppressive surveillance has not been discussed. Neither have other crucial issues like the environment or the massive, increasing poverty or Norway’s willing and eager participation in the United States’ horrible, inexcusable and ongoing aggression.
  This election has not deviated significantly from all other elections before it, and that, as always is a tragedy and scandal of immense proportions.
  Those claiming that the center/left government should go are correct, but most of them will vote for the center/right government, one even worse than the one they are about to replace.
  The world goes from bad to worse - again. Norwegian voters choose conservative solutions, those very same that have been such a disaster in virtually any country they have been implemented.
  A great result of this election would be if all 169 current representatives of the Norwegian parliament had been sacked and no one else of the new, upcoming representatives from the established parties had been elected. Instead we will just get more of the same, the same old tired and oppressive song of conformity and downright insanity.

  The same old bullshit!

Friday, September 06, 2013


  The nascent forces of wild and untamed rebellion in this world must step up its game dramatically and embrace true inkululeko, freedom. There is a need, a beyond desperate need for opposing and striking down the forces of oppression so prevalent today. This local, national and global society is destroying everything making life worth living. That, in itself is enough to do anything to end it.
  The pollution causing increased global warming, the chemicals poisoning us and all life on Earth, the destruction of nature, all that is bad and has horrible and obvious consequences, but is still only symptoms of the vast spiritual loss, our alienation from our home, from generous nature.
  A society crying out for rebellion, for true revolution is filled with trifles, with party politics and indifference. The so called left is impotent, at best, is clearly a part of the problem. The center-left, center, center-right and far right are as bad as always and growing worse.
  We have long since passed the point of polite conversation when it comes to fixing the horror the world has become.
  Again we have to ask at what point do we claim self-defense. We’re long past that as well.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Welcome to New Orleans

  From my novel At the End of the Rainbow:

  They noticed the moment they turned a corner and crossed the invisible line to the Vieux Carrè, the French Quarter, even before spotting the balconies and the special architecture.
  There is an open space opening up to them after they've walked for a while, and they’re a bit lost, after having crisscrossed the narrow streets for a while. A man stands at its center. He holds a ball of fire in his hand or close to it, holds it in his grip, even though it doesn't touch his skin.
  They stop, and watch and listen.
  – There is a valley somewhere, the man clothed in chalk cried in a dead man’s voice. – A Valley of Death, one of kings and gods, where all things are possible.
  He put the fire in his hand to his mouth and swallowed it, consumed it, and it seemed to glow within him, to the point where his skin brightened and burned.
  – I’m Henry Gallier, he cried. – I’m the Loa of the gods.
  Liz steps forward.
  – Your words move me, sir, she cries. – They make it tingle down my spine.
  The man freezes and glares at her, and his expression turns absolutely blank.
  He speaks, and they can’t understand the words.
  – Is that… that is French, isn't it? Brad wonders.
  Gallier takes a big jump backwards, and with a final, fear-filled glance he runs away like an animal before the Storm.
  A girl stops at an odd angle from Liz and the others, between Liz and Ted. Her head is slightly cocked as she speaks.
  – «I burn in your presence, Bird of Fire and Shadow. My flame is nothing compared to yours. I dwindle to ashes in your moonlight».
  – So what does it mean? Liz asked lightly.
  – I have no idea, the girl said evenly. – I've seen Henry perform here every day for years, but he has never behaved like this. Never! You made quite an impression on him.
  The girl is young, younger than Ted, perhaps a bit older than Liz. She looks strangely at them, at them all, and there’s something in that look that is strangely familiar.
  – You’re travelers? She stated.
  – We are indeed, Ted said. – And we have traveled far to come to this place, this City of the Dead.
  – I’m late for supper, the girl said.
  And hurried away.
  They watched her leave.
  – Welcome to New Orleans, Liz said, a huge grin transforming her face.
  – I think someone just did, Phillip emphasized. – Did welcome us.
  She turned and looked at him. It was as if she saw him, saw his cold, hard face for the first time. Everybody looked for the girl, but she had vanished between the buildings, and no matter how much Liz wanted to pursue her, she knew she would find nothing in there, nothing but ghosts and shadows laughing at her.
  Welcome to New Orleans. She looked at Ted. They stood there, breathing in the air of the foreign, but oh, so familiar place. It was like pulling off an old blanket, revealing everything hidden beneath. A thrill shot through them both, of expectation and apprehension, and as always they couldn't tell which was which. It echoed within them time and time again, much more so than the whispers from the streets and buildings surrounding them, as the twilight turned to darkness and the darkness turned to night.

  Welcome to New Orleans!