Wednesday, August 28, 2013

To get away with murder - a fictional story

  The bullies' ball

  The two police officers walk down the street a warm afternoon. People walk up and down the street, passing them on both sidewalks. Several individuals cast wary glances at them.
  One of the uniformed men stops. The other stops right afterwards.
  - HEY, YOU SON OF BITCH, he shouts across the street. – STOP STARING AT ME!
  More people stare at them.
  - STOP, the enraged cop shouts.
  Many people across the street stop. Others keep walking.
  Both officers draw their gun. They fire it once, twice and keep firing. One of the black men across the street is hit, is hit several times. He falls and hits the ground. They keep filling him with lead. People scream in hysteria and run away. Two of them are also hit. They keep running.
  The man on the ground groans and dies.
  Both cops grin viciously to the bystanders as they cross the street.
  - You people hope this time will be different, the cop grinning the widest states calmly, - but it won’t be. Cops can do almost anything without being punished for it. The exceptions are only when we truly piss off our superiors or break a given important rule of conduct those in charge have ordained. If you want to get away with murder become a cop.
  He chuckles darkly and pleased, so very pleased, looking at them with glee and spite in his eyes.

  No one says anything. They know the man’s words to be true. Experience has shown them that long ago and nothing has changed.

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