Tuesday, August 27, 2013


  I am often asked which of my novels I will recommend, and I recommend various books, depending on my mood. They’re all my favorites, my joy.
  But perhaps the very best, when I probe the issue within myself is At the End of the Rainbow, the fourth book in The Janus Clan series.
  There are three basic entry points to that series so far. The fourth book is one. The Defenseless, of course, and ShadowWalk are two others. Even if there is a clear connection to the rest of the series, they can easily be read on their own merit.
  I don’t quite know why I think that Rainbow is my best so far, perhaps because it is my latest, or one of my latest, perhaps because it is such a great flow of story, or because of something purely personal to me.

  The first three books were a kind of set up to the series. This is where I get to use and play with the characters in earnest, where the going gets even tougher. You get to meet some of the main players, still in their youth, but already scarred by life’s hardship, on their ride across the Earth. It’s a great Journey. I know. I made it.

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