Tuesday, August 20, 2013


  My influences, my inspirations, if you will are more than anything what hasn't been written, hasn't been done yet. If you can’t do anything original leave it behind and seek a different approach or story or life.
  It was like that from the start for me. I wanted to write, make what no one before me had done and several years ago I realized I had succeeded.
  Sometimes life is grand and twice inspiring.
  Even as a child, I’m proud to say I removed myself from the copyists, the conformists, the obedient and the unimaginative, an ongoing process that took off with a bang in my late twenties.
  And that volcanic eruption worked itself up from there, from that fluid point, and, even if I enjoy the occasional nostalgia I have hardly looked back.

  I can’t stress it enough, how important, even crucial this is, in art and life in general. It is one thing among many that is mostly missing from today’s general humanity. I keep living it, every second of the night and even day.

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