Thursday, July 11, 2013

Remembering what we will never forget

  Today’s oppressive local, national and global society takes many things from us, but after rereading my new, upcoming collection of poetry I have reaffirmed to myself something that isn't always altogether clear to me, but should be:
  What the oppressors most of all take from us, remove us from is the night, the ability to truly and often enjoy our dark and wild passions in explosive and abundant ways. The true, savage human being is still with us, inevitably, but muted, seen through mist and ongoing and present poison. My poems, especially my upcoming collection remind me of what we truly are.
  It’s safe to say that I know about it, know it well, but the memory of it still turn dim in my consciousness after a while without those crucial reminders and revisits. To know something intellectually, if you will isn't sufficient. The emotional memory fades after a while. It isn't or doesn't seem to be an innate part of our lives anymore and it should be.
  When we are constantly strongly encouraged and forced to work and stay awake during the day, where oppression is at its strongest we lose something infinitely precious.
  With «Secrets - descriptions of what cannotbe described», I’m delighted to say you will experience the complete opposite desires and stirrings. I am proud, I am, so very proud.

  If all goes well the book will be released August 21.

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