Saturday, July 06, 2013

Propaganda 2.0

  Even though this particular post is prompted by the conflict Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and countless other whistleblowers currently find themselves in with the authorities; it could just as well be about any similar situation. It’s a great illustration of how those in charge successfully divert our attention and distract us from everything that truly matters.
  According to those in charge it is the fact that the whistleblowers have exposed horrible secrets and actions that is criminal, not the secrets and actions themselves. This is all an often used tactic on their part. They lay blame on the messenger and make many of us do the same. It’s an age-old tradition. Please, don’t fall for it anymore. We will all lose if you do.
  Not one blatant and often brutal crime exposed by whistleblowers lately has led to criminal charges. Not one!
  These days virtually all editors and journalists in mainstream media engage in a massive campaign against those mentioned above and against countries like Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua, those few and proud that has actually supported Snowden’s bid for asylum, for a modicum of safety. When they «break the news» that Twitter and independent media have already broken hours, even days earlier they always feel compelled to point out any lie and distortion about the given people and countries currently very unpopular in the halls of power.
  Yes, Joseph Goebbels, the infamous Nazi propaganda minister is small potatoes compared to today’s propaganda masters.
  The truth of the matter is that it is indeed those residing in the halls of power that are the true enemies of mankind. NATO, their foremost military tool has been one of the most aggressive military powers in history. The surveillance, totally unacceptable by any standards of truly free beings is unprecedented. Prism is merely the latest of countless surveillance programs. The Echelon project, for instance has been active since the eighties. The oppression is already massive. What is planned for us all is far worse. If you take sides in favor of mainstream, for the average and its blind acceptance of narrow thought these days you’re the enemy of freedom.
  It’s quite «funny». Any wet dream conspiracy theory hasn't only been proven true these days, but inadequate to describe what is happening.
  Barrack Obama has long since become just as much an enemy of mankind that Bush was. Any support given to Obama is, by now a support of oppression, of massive surveillance and persecution and killing of children. If you think that is harsh you should promptly reconsider your life and your opinions.
  It’s time for us all to say a resounding NO to those in charge. That means, in case you’re wondering to stop supporting both the Democratic and Republican parties in the United States and virtually all members of parliaments all over the world. It means total transparency in government and big business and no more clandestine services anywhere. It means we stop other people from poisoning our food and water and soil and air, from serving us poison, physically and mentally from the moment we are born. It means no more rich and no more poor people.
  It means we finally abandon a sick system and get on with creating that new world with true freedom and human dignity. It’s long past due.
  Don’t let those in charge get away with it this time, and stop accepting tyranny, in any form.

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