Monday, July 22, 2013


  I have a rare, even unique outlook of existence and life, and I bring that with me into my writing and art, creating something that is clearly, unequivocally original.
  I've read thousands of books, watched thousands of films and still have yet to find any even close to what I have done and want to do.
  Most writers and artists are unfortunately pretty much average, well-adapted citizens. Originality and striving for it isn't their strong suit, and the results show in their writing and art.
  What I love to read, watch, listen to and experience is truly independent and original work, thoughts and actions. It is really that simple. Too bad it is almost totally absent today, rare as birds flying in the night.
  I want mature, truly mature books, films, music and art not insulting the reader with tons of censorship and social conventions. Censorship, both overt and concealed makes finding such items difficult, to say it the least.

  I write the kind of books and make the kind of art I love to read, listen to, watch and experience.

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