Saturday, June 08, 2013

Our home

  Every time we leave it we are overwhelmed by despair, and thus is the current world.
  The forest is our home, our one and true home. No matter how far we go, there it is.
  It isn't necessarily a place, but more a state of mind we’re always carrying with us.
  We started out there, millions of years ago, and we never truly left. The only thing removing us from it is civilization, is oppressive modern life. Everything else is pulling us to it. Our humanity is pulling hard to the deep and dark forests. It’s the moist and warm place of our hearts and minds and core. When it’s raining, in the middle of winter, we are still there. The reflection cast by its white bed shows our eyes everything we need to see. At summer we’re surrounded by life, fire and shadows.
  There is so much here, so much humanity, and so much spirit. The wilderness is a great place, but the woods are even more wilderness and twice as great.

  The forest can be almost anything to us.

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