Friday, May 17, 2013


  We, current humanity as a whole take way too much drugs. I’m not speaking about illegal substances here, but perfectly legal stuff. In the giant void of the modern world many of us ingest enough «medicine» to fight off depression to kill an elephant. It’s widespread, all over the world. We carry the void, the emptiness with us, wherever we go.
  There is enormous general suffering, and to keep the stark truth of the modern alienation at bay, we eat drugs like candy. The government and the Pharma-industry encourage this behavior, both because of greed and to keep our most powerful and (in their eyes) dangerous emotions from expression themselves.
  I have never used any kind of anti-depressive or its like. I love my emotions and love them even more when they ascend into disorder. There should be far more disorder. It’s a healthy reaction to an insane world.
  But most people prefer the even calm, the death of strong emotions. They don’t want to admit to themselves the horror that is their lives. And they do as they are told. Some, and an increasing number even kill themselves, because they can’t live with themselves and the world, as it has become.
  Ever more diseases and «psychological disorders» are introduced, are invented in order to explain away what those in charge don’t want explained.
  We are told to take a pill for any tiny malady and perceived mental instability and we do.
  Therapists and government spokespersons claim to be surprised when the use of anti-depressive drugs increases, but they aren't, of course. To them it’s both an expected and desirable development.
  I’m not surprised either. Anybody fairly aware isn't and shouldn't be. Once again: you don’t need a crystal ball to see the obvious.

  One more thing: I will encourage people to not kill themselves. They shouldn't, but should be angry, very angry.

  «I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore»! - Howard Beale - Network

  «In the postmodern void that is the United States today, tens of millions of all ages take anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication. It’s not unimaginable that before long, psychotropic drugs will be routinely prescribed for everyone, beginning in infancy. And this is just one example in a list of well-known pathologies that bridge the personal and social spheres. Why are people willing, even eager, to accept a drug-induced state as normal in themselves and their children»?

  John Zerzan

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